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January Edition- 01/09

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Welcome to 2020 - New Years Perspective From Our Coaches:

2020 message for Stingrays

Know The Way, Show The Way, Go The Way

-By Coach Larry

A motivational speaker friend of mine, Carl Flowers, always has a pithy line to toss into a conversation. Over dinner this fall the subject of leadership came up, to which Carl offered his characteristic bit of pithiness: "Larry, you know, it's always know the way, show the way, go the way."

As the calendar turns to 2020, know, show, go...the way guides me, nags at me, pulls me forward as a reminder of the way to lead in all the facets of my life as coach, husband, dad, friend, team member. Know the way, show the way, go the way--whatever it is. If I don't know something (or thought I knew something), learn that new something. If it's worth knowing, share it. And if I'm leading (or part of a team), do it-- "Action sets you free." That's another bit of Carl Flowers' pithiness, for another day and another paragraph. For now, know the way, show the way, go the way can be the difference your life makes in 2020.

A Different Perspective On Your Goals

-By Coach Mark

Happy New Year, Stingrays!

As we all know, a New Year means New Years Resolutions... Busy gyms, new diets, healthy living etc. etc. etc.

As swimmers, we set our goals at the beginning of the season, not the year. However, now is a great time to reassess yourself and see how we are doing with these goals.

In the New Year, let's try and attack our goals from a different angle:

Instead of being enveloped into the end results of our goals - best times, new cuts, podium finishes... Change your perspective. What can I do every single day to take one step closer? Can I get more sleep? Eat healthier? Do one more dolphin kick off every wall in practice? The moment you start breaking your BIG goal down into SMALL everyday tasks, is when you start conquering it.

In a sport like swimming, it can be very easy to get weighed down by the pressure and expectations of end results. As we embark on the New Year, learn to love the process. If you are making small strides to better yourself every day, you are well on your way to greatness!

High School Post Season Training Is Open!

Stay in shape and get stronger after the High School Season! The RAYS are Georgia’s Finest swim program. Twice the American Swimming Coaches Association has named us the National Stroke Champions. This is an honor given to the program with the Best Stroke Technique in the USA. If you were on or will be on your High School swim team this school year (8th graders may participate, too!), then this program will keep you in shape and sharpen skills as you approach the summer. This program is for current Non USA-Swimming athletes.

If you know anyone that might be interested, please pass along the info!

Registration and more info can be found HERE

Please direct any questions to Coach Pike (MVAC) and Coach Larry (CCAC)

Meet Entries - CC On File Needed

Starting January 1st, 2020 each family must have a Credit Card on file for On Demand Payments or an ACH account.

If you already have your payment option as ACH then you do not need to do anything

How to Set Up: (If you have a cc already on file for Swim Fees).

1. Go to My Account

2. Go to Set Up Auto Pay

3. Check the use for On-Demand Payments button.

How to Set Up: (If you DO NOT have a cc already on file for Swim Fees).

1. Go to My Account

2. Go to Set Up Auto Pay

3. Add a credit card to the account

4. Check the use for On-Demand Payments button.

Please contact Coach Ian with any questions about this

Summertime LAPS Opportunity!

Would your Summer League/Neighborhood Pool like to host LAPS? We did it this summer at the Pines in Marietta and it was a great success!

If this sounds intriguing, please contact Coach Pike for Cobb County area ( or

Coach Ron for Cherokee County (

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

January 17th-January 19th, 2020

27th Annual Coaches Invite


February 1st-February 2nd, 2020

GA Open @ Georgia Tech