What is Hantavirus?

What is Hantavirus?

Hantavirus is a virus transmitted through mice. There is one main carrier for Hantavirus but there are other carriers too. There is treatment, prevention, statistics etc. for Hantavirus.


The 4-10 days symptoms for Hantavirus are: a cough that produces secretions, shortness of breath, fluid accumulating within the lungs, low blood pressure and reduced heart effiency.


Hantavirus is transmitted through the aerosolization of viruses shed into infected rodents droppings, saliva and urine. Aerosolization makes Hantavirus easy to inhale, it goes into your lungs and capillaries. It then causes your lungs to fill with fluid and your capillaries to break.


For prevention of Hantavirus is: try keeping rodents out of your homes, mice can squeeze through small holes. Also, clean counters and floors, wash your dishes very well and set mouse traps.


Treatments or Hantavirus are: oxygen, breathing tube or machine, in extreme cases, special machines to oxygenate the blood outside the body, There are NO treatments for infected lungs.


People ill with HPS (Hantavirus Pulminary Syndrome) are 37% female and 63% male. Cases of HPS have been reported in 34 states, 95% of states with HPS recorded occurred west of the Mississippi river. 3/4 of patients with HPS lived in rural areas. 36% of cases have resulted in death.

Through December 31, 2013 a total of 637 cases of HPS have been reported in the United States. 606 of those cases occurred from 1993 and forward.

"power of the mouse"

Mice are active during the night, people are active during the day. Mice must be kept away from food and houses. Hantavirus spreads into the air and goes into your body. If a mouse touches your clothing you must burn your clothes.

"Mystery flu kills 6 in tribal areas"

A case in May 1993 in Alburqurque, New Mexico. 10 of the 18 victims died. The climate was desert, clear, dry, thin air and bright sun.

Organs effected:

  • lungs- fills with fluid
  • kidney
  • heart


  • thin desert
  • clear, dry, thin air
  • hot sun