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Ohio Required State Testing

Fall State Testing Update

Our 3rd graders tested in October, but parents were able to choose if they wanted their child to participate. Our staff and facilities used were using strict safety measures for all students and proctoring staff.

December End of Course Testing has been cancelled due to rising cases of COVID-19.

All students who were scheduled to test in the high school grades received an email from Testing@ohva.org. All students scheduled to test this fall should plan to attend spring testing. Contact your grade level principal if you have questions. Thank you!

OHVA Testing FAQ's

Click for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about Testing

What if my student has an IEP?

Typically students who require testing accommodations in accordance with their IEP may be tested at differing times than the general schedule. Check with your child’s special education teacher for more guidance. OHVA will follow all testing accommodations as required by law.

Testing Advice from NHS Students!

Topics & Links - Huge thanks to our NHS Students for these Testing Tips for our OHVA students!

#1 Testing Intro

#2 Study Tips

#3 Get Yourself Physically Ready

#4 Getting Yourself Mentally Ready

#5 Importance of Going to State Testing

#6 Good Luck

The information below will be updated once we have more information about spring testing for 2021.

Spring Testing - Practice Site for Students

Put your student at ease and build confidence!

List of Spring Test Site Locations

Listed by Region > County > City

Spring Testing - Parent Helpers Needed

State Testing is delayed. If you'd like to help in some other way, please email sebie@ohva.org.


Your help is needed! Sign up to help at your student's test site while your child is testing. Be a friendly face, help with Re-Reg, provide support to other LC's. We have a Thank You Gift for you!

Sign Up HERE. Training Recording from 2019

3rd - 8th Grade Testing & Assessment

Visit the webpage for testing and assessment info, site locations and more.

Calculator Policy

Should your child bring a calculator to testing? Refer to this guidance from ODE. Remember, calculators are also embedded in an online state test if needed for that particular test.

High School Testing & Assessment

Visit the OHVA webpage for High School Testing.

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Family Forum Recording-Highlights Spring State Testing

From March 9 - Featuring our Head of School and Principals

Recording - Testing....Why?

K12's Learning Coach University session, speaker Susie Ebie - OHVA Family Support

Map It!

Be prepared and map your travel to the test site before testing day! Use of these helpful tools or apps: Google Maps MapQuest

Don't have transportation? Reach out to family, friends, neighbors to ensure your student participates in state testing. If needed, taxi services like Uber or Lyft can be a help and are not usually as costly as regular taxi services. http://uber.com http://Lyft.com

Need Re-Registration Help at Testing?

Our staff and volunteers at testing can help you with your re-registration questions! Just reach out and ask.


Enter your Student's F2F from Testing Each Day

For each day your student tests, enter his/her F2F for that day. If you bring OHVA students along, enter for them as well.

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Build Confidence for Testing!

Expose your student to test practice now to help them be at ease when they sit down to test. Access state practice tests HERE or above, and note some helpful info below.

Did you know that our state tests are done on the computer? Help your student with typing practice below.

Did you know that state test questions often have multiple parts? It's important to help your student become familiar with the format, and they may have to scroll up and down pages to access the parts of a question.

Did you know that students should know how to use a calculator online? These are provided in the tests for 6th grade and up, and may be unfamiliar, so make sure to expose your student to how these work.

Did you know that students can use scratch paper? Just because the test is on a computer does not mean that students should do everything "in their head."

Did you know that your attitude toward testing will positively or negatively impact your student? Do your best to be positive and explain that testing has a purpose, and the student should do his/her best.

Did you know that testing is not a "bubble" test anymore? Your memory of testing in school is not what our students do today! All students are asked to think, reason, write, and explain on state tests. Give them practice with writing out their thinking.

Typing Tutors Online - Prepare for Tech-Based Testing

Students who are publicly e-schooled at home need to master the keyboard. Not only can this be important for daily work, but it's also needed for state testing. Here are some excellent websites to help your students learn to type with accuracy and then with speed: https://www.typing.com/typinglessons and https://www.keybr.com/.