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Friday, February 5, 2016

Classroom Spotlight - ART with Mrs. Cullinane

The fourth grade students in Mrs. Cullinane's art classes are finishing their illustration series. Each student has translated one image through five mediums or techniques. Students began with the initial pencil drawing. Then using pen and ink, students practiced their new learned techniques stippling and cross hatching. The fourth illustration encompasses pen and ink with watercolor. The final artwork was completed with the most difficult medium, watercolor alone. Pictured here are Constantine W's artworks "Fly Trap", and Kate W's "Fresh Fruit".

Morning Drop and Go Safety Reminder!

We are still having many people not observe our requests for morning drop off. Please only drop your child off in the drop and go lane and wait for the cars ahead of you to pull forward without pulling out in the middle of the line. It creates a very unsafe situation for any students and parents crossing the road as well as creates the opportunity for a potential accident.

The maximum amount of time it takes from the back of the line to the front is approximately one minute. A small bit of patience in this area will assist us to ensure everyone's safety. It will also assist with cones not being run over and becoming stuck under cars. Also please do not drop students off outside of the line and have them walk in-between cars as this also is a very unsafe practice.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

PARCC Talking Point of the Week

Who creates PARCC questions?

Hundreds of K–12 and postsecondary educators, content specialists, and assessment experts from New Jersey and other PARCC states participate in the development of all PARCC testing items. Each test item was reviewed by no fewer than 30 educators prior to field tests, and outcomes of the field test were then reviewed by 80 educators before being included on the operational tests.


Health Office - Mrs. Bolton

Brookside joins the American Heart Association in saying: Get Involved! Save Lives! Go Red!

Faculty, Staff and students alike donned RED on Friday, February 5, 2016 in honor of National Wear RED day to bring awareness to heart health.

Daily healthy habits were shared with faculty and staff over the past two weeks encouraging healthy eating habits, increased exercise, Free Heart Screening at The Valley Hospital and even teaching Hands only CPR. A financial donation to the American Heart Association was made by the Faculty and Staff.


Mary Ellen U. Bolton, MA, RN, NJ-CSN

Professor Wiinklebotom's Earth Science Circus

On Monday, February 1, 2016, Brookside students attended an assembly through the Clean Communities Act and sponsored by Westwood Department of Public Works. Professor W, his sidekick Meatloaf, and the students examined the relationships among air, water, and land on Earth and how the structures of plants and animals complement the environment of the plant or animal.

The duo asked "why" questions in attempts to seek greater understanding concerning the objects and events that were observed and talked about. They also identified ways in which humans have changed the environment and the effects of those changes. Brookside students questioned the explanations they heard from the Professor, seeking clarification and comparing them with their own observations and understandings.

Recycling, neighborhood cleanups, and more was illustrated with entertaining and skilled theatrics using logical reasoning to reach simple conclusions.

Special thanks to Westwood Borough's Superintendent of Public Works, Mr. Rick Woods for organizing the generous donation of this program for our students.

Homework for students going on Vacation

Recently there have been some parents who have asked about our policy on requesting work for students who will be out of school because of family vacations. The following is what is stated in our K – 5 handbook:

“Research has clearly indicated that homework is most effective when it corresponds with what the child has learned that day in class. With this in mind, no homework will be given to those students who will be absent for an extended period of time due to vacation. In place of formal homework, the classroom teacher will design assignments on a case-by-case basis.”

Please be aware that parents who ask for work for their children going on vacation will be directed to this policy.

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