PSAT/SAT Information and Resources

Access and Interpretation

1. If you don't have a College Board account Create one.

In order to access your PSAT results, you will need to create a college board account.

Put Your Students’ PSAT/NMSQT Scores to Work


4. Sign in to view scores starting December 11th

Once you create your account you may use your log information to view your scores and access other data. Remember PSAT scores will be available starting December 12.

5. National Merit Scholarships Program Details

6. Official SAT Prep

Khan Academy is offering the official FREE SAT prep.

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  • Get to know the SAT
  • See personalized practice recommendations
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How to Link Your College Board + Khan Academy Accounts

7. Taking a National SAT or SAT Subject Test

SAT dates:

November 4*

December 2*

March 10

May 5*

June 2*

*SAT subject tests are given. For more information visit:

Sign into your College Board account to register for the SAT

Details for Sending SAT scores

More SAT Resources