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St. Columba Catholic School - News every Friday - 12/4/20

St. Columba Families,

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

As we returned, we also entered the Advent season. I feel like Advent couldn't have come at a better time. With so much uncertainty and angst, especially as things in our county and state are not looking good, it is easy to lose sight of the blessing of Advent. This is our time to prepare for Christ and refocus ourselves back on the blessing that is Christ in our lives. As our students are learning about Advent, it is a great reminder of how much Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace we need but also have in our lives. I pray that you all have a blessed Advent and Holiday season!

Hard to believe, but we are already halfway through the second quarter. Teachers will be finalizing grades this weekend and Monday and progress reports will be available to view through Schoolspeak on Tuesday.

Below there will be some information about our Christmas program, which will be virtual this year.

Please also see below for updates about our car raffle. We are significantly behind where we need to be.

Finally, see below for some information about a fun community event to kick off the Christmas break! We could all use some fun and a chance to come together as a school community!

Here is a look ahead at the upcoming events on campus:

  • Monday, December 7: Great Day to Sell Car Raffle Entries!
  • Tuesday, December 8: Progress Reports available for K-8 students
  • Wednesday, December 9: Great Day to Sell Car Raffle Entries!
  • Thursday, December 10: Great Day to Sell Car Raffle Entries!
  • Friday, December 11: Great Day to Sell Car Raffle Entries!


Mr. Amann

St. Columba Car Raffle Update

As mentioned previously, the St. Columba Car Raffle is the school's largest fundraiser of the year!

It is a specific line item in the school's budget, so the school's operation is built off of the success of the raffle. In order to meet the school's budgetary needs, 2,500 entries into the raffle must be purchased! That would allow the school to continue operations as usual. If we do not meet that threshold, we have to start cutting things, unfortunately.

As of 5pm on December 4th, we have sold 348 tickets. There are 42 days left until a winner is selected. In order to meet our minimum goal, we would need to average selling 52 entries a day! It is our expectation that each child sells at least 10 entries. If every child in the school sold 10 entries, we would sell 2,360 entries.


We are not sending home physical tickets this year due to COVID-19. All entries need to be purchased through our online portal at

As a reminder, the following incentives are in place for the students and families:

CLASS INCENTIVE #1: 10 ticket average per student (for example, 5th grade has 20 students, they would need to sell 200 tickets): Free Dress Day, Extra 20 minutes of Recess, and Personal Jamba Juice smoothies for each student.

CLASS INCENTIVE #2: 15 ticket average per student (for example, 5th grade has 20 students, they would need to sell 300 tickets): Movie, Pizza, and Ice Cream Party, along with Incentive #1

CLASS INCENTIVE #3: 20 ticket average per student (for example, 5th grade has 20 students, they would need to sell 400 tickets): No homework for a week and $20 gift card for every family in the class, along with Incentive #1 and Incentive #2.

Current total averages per class are as follows:

Preschool: 0.82 entries per student

Kindergarten: 1.54 entries per student

1st Grade: 1.47 entries per student

2nd Grade: 4.11 entries per student

3rd Grade: 2.74 entries per student

4th Grade: 4.17 entries per student

5th Grade: 4.90 entries per student

6th Grade: 3.00 entries per student

7th Grade: 0.00 entries per student

8th Grade: 0.25 entries per student

Go Cougars!

St. Columba Trivia and Beer Tasting Night!

In partnership with Sunset Trivia and Alesmith Brewing Company, our PTG Board invite you to join our Trivia and Beer Night on December 18th at 6pm!

Whether you like trivia, beer, both, or neither, there are 3 ways you can participate:

1. Trivia Only: For $15, two guests can join our Virtual Trivia Game hosted over Zoom!

2. Beer Only: For $15, receive a 4 pack of 12oz Alesmith Brewing Beers (Sublime Mexican Lager, .394 San Diego Pale Ale, Local Oasis Tiki IPA, Luped in IPA)

3. Trivia and Beer: For $25, Receive a 4 pack of 12oz Alesmith Brewing Beers and two guests can join our Virtual Trivia game hosted over Zoom!

To purchase, please see the link to purchase on the Schoolspeak homepage!

1st place winner(s) receive a $25 credit at the soon-to-be-released St. Columba Spirit Store and free entry to the next Trivia Night (Estimated Date in February)

2nd place winner(s) receive 2 free St. Columba Branded Glass Tumbler and free entry to next Trivia Night (Estimated Date in February)

3rd place winner(s) receive free entry to next Trivia Night (Estimated Date in February)

Let's have some good Cougar Fun!

Christmas Program Update

Due to COVID-19, we cannot hold our traditional Christmas Program in the church.

This year, we will be pre-recording all students and hosting a live-watch party over Zoom!

Students will be recording during the week of December 14th.

More info to come!

"Grateful Gobblers" Thanksgiving Raffle Ticket Competition Winners!

During the Thanksgiving break, we hosted a raffle entry selling contest!

The following classes earned a Make Your Own PE Day with Mr. B by selling 30+ tickets:

2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade

The following class earned a Free Dress Day on Wednesday, 12/9 and Free Outdoor Play Period:

4th Grade!

Christmas Meal Drive Thru Fundraiser!

We will be hosting a Christmas Meal Drive Thru as a small fundraiser in partnership with our Hot Lunch Company!

Please see the attached flier for details!

Everything will be included and you will just drive through our parking lot on December 21st for pick up!

Orders must be placed by December 14th!