VCR 6 Presentation

Krishna Chopra

Fill in the Blank

Patients who bring WebMD print outs to doctor's appointments claiming that they have a severe illness are usually only diagnosed with one thing: __________.
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hypochondria (n.)

A psychological disorder characterized by the illusory conviction that one is ill or in pain, or likely to become so.



  • hupo, "under," "beneath"
  • khondros, "cartilage"

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Other Parts of Speech

  • hypochondriac (n.) - someone who suffers from hypochondria
  • hypochondriacal (adj.) - pertaining to or suffering from hypochondria

Synonyms & Antonyms


  • hypochondriasis (condition)
  • hyperventilation (condition)
  • valetudinarian (person)
  • neurotic (not very common because it is a bit extreme)


  • no direct antonyms

VCR Exercises

Exercise 6A

4. C

Exercise 6C

1. hypochondriac

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Practice Sentences

Choose the sentence(s) in which the bolded word is used CORRECTLY.

A. Marie, the town's hypochondriac, was known to spray Lysol on her guests as they walked through the door so that in case they were carrying any germs, she would not get sick.

B. The grocery store clerk was fired and called a hypochondriac after she yelled at a coughing customer because she was upset that he would now get her sick as well.

C. The scientist's null hypochondria was proven false once sufficient testing proved that results like hers in repeated trials would only occur 1% of the time.

D. Hypochondriacs all over the city began to get very worried once the local radio station had announced that the city's water supply had been contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide.