June at Woodbrook


Dear Woodbrook Families,

June is a wonderful time to reflect on the entire year. This is always a time when I share how grateful I am to be here at Woodbrook.

On Friday, during the PBSIS celebration, I told the children that all of the Woodbrook teachers and staff members were partners with their parents. We depend on you and you depend on us. Each year as I interview and hire new staff members, I can proudly say that there is no better community to work with. At Woodbrook, the bond we share with our families is strong. We are grateful to you and I couldn't ask for a kinder, more caring staff. Thank you to everyone for making Woodbrook the best school in the world!

Field day was a triumph once again! Thanks to our PTO for organizing it with P.E. teacher Mr. Pavolko and the PE Department. We had over 200 parent volunteers (HOORAY WOODBROOK PARENTS!) and the support of our entire staff. Our custodial staff deserves the highest praise for all they did to make the day a wonderful success for the children!

The children showed great stamina through their standardized tests. Test results will be sent home in the fall next year (typically late October or November).

Our spring concert was a treat for all! Thanks to Ms. Tomasella, Mrs. Towers, Mrs. Buckelew and Mrs. Horvat for helping our children to gain the skills and confidence to perform so well. Next year, we plan to perform in the JPS High School gym in order to provide even more seating for our families.

Our school trips went very well and the children enjoyed the day out to explore, learn and enjoy with their classmates. Thanks to all of those parents who helped to chaperone the trips and to the teachers and Mrs. Burke for organizing them. A shout out to the PTO for supplementing the cost of the trips. We appreciate it.

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the family picnic! It was very well attended albeit warm. Luckily, we have a beautiful tree lined campus which made the day lovely. Thank you for coming out with your family to make the day special for the children! Next year, we will tweak it a bit to allow for easier parking. We will have the first and third lunches meet on the first day and the middle lunch meet on a second day. You would still be able to come and have lunch with all of your children on one single day just as we did this year, but the 45 minute gap between the first and the third lunch would allow for better traffic flow and parking availability.

Often people outside of the field of education will say, "So it's June, you must be winding down." Here at Woodbrook, it is quite the opposite! The end of the year brings a host of activities.

The fifth graders enjoyed their final party at Dave & Busters where they had a great day of games and fun and a yummy buffet.

Kindergarten brought all parents (and principals) to tears with their Parents' Day Tea performance. Thanks to the kindergarten teachers for making the day so memorable!

We held our final Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS a.k.a. Beaver Bucks) celebration on June 9th. The speakers were very articulate as they represented their grade level peers and discussed the impact positive behavior has on each of us as individuals, as well as a community. Each grade performed a song, raffles were drawn, prizes were awarded, the band and the orchestra entertained us, and there was a surprise flash mob dance performed by the Woodbrook staff! What a joyful day!

Thanks to the PTO for our final BOGO family nights book fair! This helped everyone enjoy some summer reading and purchase books for our own school library.

Younger Woodbrook siblings enjoyed watching their fifth grade brothers and sisters at their final rehearsal for their promotion ceremony on June 12th, and the fifth grade will impress all at their promotion ceremony on June 13th.

The last full week of school will be filled with something special everyday!

June 14th brings the traditional fifth grade volleyball tournament attended by all students and the first grade's Flag Day performance in the afternoon. We look forward to seeing the first grade parents at this sweet, patriotic event. Wear your red, white and blue! Thanks to the first grade teachers for organizing this event for Flag Day.

June 15th is the last full day of school. During the morning, all students in grades 1-4 are invited to bring a few dollars to purchase items created by our fifth grade entrepreneurs as a part of their BizWorld unit of study. Money earned will be reinvested in the school or donated to a charity.

Thursday afternoon, grades K-4 will have their end of year class parties from 2-3:15 p.m. Class parents who are running the party should report to the main lobby with identification at 1:45 p.m.

June 16 is an early dismissal and (if the weather cooperates), we will have our annual school wide water balloon toss.

June 20 is an early dismissal and the last day of school! We have a special surprise treat for the children!

As we get ready for next year, please note the following:

Supply lists for next year are now listed on the Woodbrook Announcements page on the Woodbrook website. Please be sure to save this page for next year and refer to it for many important updates and resources.

Homeroom assignments will be posted in parent portal in late August.

Math club will be open to grades 3, 4 & 5 on Wednesday evenings again next year and is scheduled to begin in mid to late October. Please volunteer to coach next year!

I would like to wish each and every child, parent and Woodbrook staff member a wonderful, restful, fun and healthy summer.

Best of luck to our fifth grade students and to all of our friends moving on. We will miss you!

I look forward to seeing all returning students and families in September!


Mrs. Cirillo

Please like us on https://www.facebook.com/woodbrookelementarypto.

NJSLA Test Results Will Be Sent Home In the Fall for all Grades 3,4 & 5

Fifth Grade Corner

Tuesday, June 13 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony 10 am in gym

enter the glass doors by the playground after 9:40 a.m.

Dear Families of Fifth Grade Students,

I have received a few requests for siblings to attend.

Please note that siblings are not permitted to attend the ceremony on Tuesday.

If your 5th grade child has a brother or sister in middle school or high school, they are not invited and will not be able to attend.

All younger children must also stay home, they are not permitted.

All siblings who are here at Woodbrook will watch the rehearsal on Monday in the gym.

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Kindergarten Parents' Day Tea

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PBSIS Celebration

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Congratulations Read Across America Winners!

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Congratulations to 3rd Grade student

Lakshya Vinod Kumar

for her Read Across America championship project!

Well done!

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Congratulations to Kindergarten student

Ayaan Nadakuditi

for his Read Across America championship project!

We are so proud!

Congratulations to the Woodbrook Community Advocacy Club

The Community Advocacy Club worked with Advisor Ms. Lazarus to solve a community problem (food waste).

As a result of their diligence and motivation, they were recognized and awarded the Milton Wolf Prize in Student Advocacy which resulted in $900 donated to the club/school for related supplies and activates.

Woodbrook Students Make a Difference!

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PBSIS Beaver Bucks Redemption



Get More Bang for your Beaver Bucks!

Save your Beaver Bucks from this year and

redeem them on line for prizes of your choice!

Then, send them in for your prize and we will

add those same Beaver Bucks to the weekly and end of year raffles!

Click below to redeem your Beaver Bucks for Prizes!


Beaver Buck Prize Order Form


Send the Beaver Bucks you are redeeming to the office in an envelope labeled with your name, your teacher's and BEAVER BUCKS on the envelope.
Please choose your prize by completing the form below.
Be sure to hit SUBMIT!

See your choices of prizes HERE.

Dual Language Program Begins for Incoming Kindergarten Students

If you have a kindergarten student starting in September 2023, you may apply for the Dual Language Program to be held at Washington Elementary School.

Your child will learn both English and Spanish in all subjects daily.

There is a lottery for this program. If selected, transportation will be provided.

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Click for the District Calendar

  • June 13, 2023 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony (two tickets per family)

  • June 15, 2023 End of Year Class Parties K-4 2:00 – 3:15pm

  • June 16, 2023 1:30 dismissal

  • June 19, 2023 School Closed Juneteenth

  • June 20, 20231:30 dismissal Last Day of School

Community Pass Instructions

If you are NEW to the EDISON SCHOOL DISTRICT Community Pass (not the Township Pass)

Payments for Math Club, Pumpkin Decorating Contest, Student Trips and Camp Bernie Shirts must be made on the Edison School District Community Pass.

Once you login/create an account, you must hit the Orange REGISTER button on your Community Pass home screen.

Click on the District Fees Link to locate Woodbrook catalog and find your grade.


1. Parents are using the Edison Rec Township/Latchkey Community Pass - please do not, just use the school Community Pass. Click to go to the correct Community Pass.

2. Only use the login credentials sent to you from me, Christine Burke, or the official SCHOOL DISTRICT Community Pass.

3. Check all parent email addresses for that letter - many people are not checking their email.

If you did NOT receive your Community Pass information, complete the form HERE

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Please read and refer to this handbook for Woodbrook's Policies and Procedures.



Send Umbrellas & Wear Boots when Rain is Expected

On rainy days students are still expected to walk down the sidewalk into the building. Please do not try to change the procedure and drop children off closest to the building because it is raining. Instead, pull up in the stop & drop lot and ensure your child is wearing rain boots and using a child size umbrella.

What to Do When Your Child is Absent

Please always ensure that you follow the TWO STEP procedure when your child is absent.

1. Call the school to report your child's absence.

2. Send a note with the REASON/doctor's note for your child's absence when your child RETURNS.

No Idling & No U Turns

Please be reminded that there is no idling when you are parked in the stop & drop lot to pick up students at 3:30 p.m. The neighbors have been complaining and have called the police to enforce the law.

In addition, be sure you are not making a U-turn by the stop & drop lot or by the flagpole. It is dangerous and it is not permitted.


The Edison Township Recreation Department office located at

100 Municipal Blvd., Edison, NJ 08817, 2nd Floor

Open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Online Registration For All ABC Latchkey Community Pass

NOTE: This is NOT the same Community Pass as the Edison Schools.

Please do not confuse the two.

Recycle your Batteries at Woodbrook!

Please recycle your batteries by sending them to school with your child.

Batteries should be placed in the battery bin

located in front of our library.


This organization was founded by former student Nihal Tammana here at Woodbrook

and our current students are working hard to keep it going!

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Snacks and Ice Cream for Sale in Cafe

If you would like your child to purchase snacks, ice cream or extra lunch,

please go to myschoolbucks.com

open up an account (you need your child's id number)

and let your child know that we will only sell them one snack/treat per day.

See prices on flyers below.

Snacks/extra lunch (ex. 2nd slice of pizza) are not included in free/reduced lunch.

Payment is required for these items.