The Undefeated

By: Anthony Baez


The purpose of Undefeated was to show how some poor black kids that like football that struggle in life and how their football coach teaches them how to build character.

Defining the purpose of Undefeated

The purpose of Undefeated was to show how teens at a high school were struggling in life. They liked to play football and their coach was teaching them lessons during their games to help them get better at football and get better at helping out other people other then themselves. The team came across some challenges along the way such as some of the players did not get along.

Achieving the Purpose

  • The documentary achieved its purpose. The players had their own differences in how they lived and how their family was. During the documentary you can see a significant change in how the players acted toward each other near the end of the film.

  • The coach of the team showed a lot of respect for the players and knew that a lot of the players were in a very rough lifestyle. The coach set a good example for the players to teach them how to build character and stand up for each other instead of putting each other down.

  • The title of the documentary does not mean they were Undefeated in football, it shows how they were undefeated as to how they stood up for each other and helped each other get through the season.


The film showed that even though you may not like anyone on your team or what you are doing you can still help them get through what they are going through mentally. The film is very good way to show people how to build character and help out other people besides themselves. The film was very good overall and had a lot of very good lessons to teach other kids and teens how to build character.