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November 30, 2015

Can Kids Learn to Read in Playful Ways?

"Of course it is bad practice to make lessons vacuous or so distracting that students forget what they are learning. Just as much as it is bad practice to make lessons so tedious and boring that they lose the will to live. But there is no reason at all not to try to make learning enjoyable, to make the context interesting and attractive to the learners, to offer them a way in and to give some opportunities to contribute and be heard."

December 4, 2015 Collaborative Day - Support Staff


Lana Nogue will be here to help us understand the Support Staff


Only the following two PUF sessions are available now due to lack of registrations. These sessions are open to all educational assistants, so please see the instructions below if you are interested in attending.

  • If interested please contact Christina Kennedy directly to register so that we can ensure the limited availability is not exceeded.
  • Registration will close at noon on Thursday, December 3.

SCHOOL - JS McCormick

ROOM # - B105

SESSION - Sensory Strategies for the School and Classroom

PRESENTER - Erica Rose, OT

SCHOOL - Ponoka Elementary

ROOM # - Grade 3-4 Community

SESSION - Social thinking and ASD - Perspectives and Intervention

PRESENTER - Jodilyn Maurice/Barb Hitchcock, SLP

Options for EAs on Friday afternoon:

  • Any EAs who have not had at least one session on sensory strategies would benefit by the sensory session. It will help sort out some of the differences between sensory self-regulation vs play time, and offer up some recommendations on what and how to use sensory tools.
  • If there are EAs who do not want to attend either of the above sessions, but would like to create PD for a group of staff members, please do so (eg., watch Gordon Neufeld DVDs) to learn more about attachment (to an individual) and affiliation (with a group such as a class).
  • If there are individual EAs who want to start working on their PGP goals, that would be fine as well.
  • Of course, EAs who do not want to remain for the afternoon have that option as well.

Message from Lana Nogue

People Services and Inclusive Learning have been working to add the Educational Assistant Professional Growth Plan document in Docushare. The document has been divided into a few sections for ease of access and for printing purposes for both Educational Assistants and Administrators.

The following PGP documents have been added to Educational Assistant Employee collections:

1. Roles and Responsibilities

2. EA Rubric

3. EA Professional Growth Plan

If you have anyone who isn't able to find the templates, please let me know.

STAT Pay for November

New EAs who had not worked 30 days prior to November 11 will not receive stat pay for that date. December's stat days will be okay though.

December 4, 2015 Collab Day - Teachers


PLT Meetings - Work on PGP goals and/or collaborative planning with your PLTs.

Lunch - on your own

Afternoon - Learning Commons

1:00 - 3:00 - Mark McWhinnie and several other staff members from district office will be here to do a presentation.

Long Range Plans

If LRPs have not been handed in, please connect with me to let me know when they will be done.