Getting to Know the New

By: Jamie Deschand

Mrs.Reynard ( The new 6th grade science teacher ) is now a full tribute to Theisen Middle School, becoming a Theisen Tiger. When you walk into the door, she greets you with a smile immediately. After entering, you can feel the positive vibe in the room. You feel like you have been welcomed into your own room. In her classroom it’s always so colorful.

This hasn’t been the only school she has worked at. Last year she worked half- time at Woodworth Middle School and half-time at Theisen Middle School as well. The good thing about this is… she LOVES it. All the students have been wonderful and so nice to Mrs.Reynard. She loves the students’ bright faces, ready to learn and all of their positive attitudes! This is Mrs.Reynard’s first time teaching science, but she's really looking forward to a new subject coming up.

She has mostly enjoyed being the cross country coach after school. She loved to get involved with them.She doesn’t only just love cross country, she loves her students too. However, it’s clear to anyone who walks into her room, that the students love her too.