Spartan Testing Center


Need to send students to the testing center?

Sign them up at least 24 hours in advance. The form is located on the Spartan Testing Center site.

The day before testing is to take place, put your test in the Testing Center File Cart. Label each test with a student name, period and teacher name.

Send students with a completed testing center pass to D202 to take their test at their scheduled time.

Your students completed tests will be placed in the "completed" file behind your name in the testing center file cart and returned to the mail room at the end of the day.

It's really that easy!

Testing Center File Cart

The testing center file cart is located in the mail room beside the office copier. I will pick it up on my way in and return it on my way out. Each teacher has two folders. Tests can be left in the "test" folder and completed tests can be retrieved from the "completed" folder.

If you need to drop off a test during the day you are welcome to bring it by D202.