English III Class Syllabus

Mary Villaume, Room 32


Welcome back! We are eager to begin working with you to help you reach your full academic potential. In order for us all to ensure that this is achieved, here are our expectations for you throughout the school year:

Student Expectations:

All students are expected to put forth maximum effort on every assignment. While not all assignments will be graded, you should still work accordingly. Assignments may be completed in class, but it is still important that you check online for any assignments and/or revised due dates. Class instruction, however, is your most important resource and supersedes anything online; every effort will be made to make sure information matches, but class performance may alter plans.

· Be on time.

o You should be in your desk BEFORE the tardy bell rings.

· Be responsible.

o It is your responsibility to be aware of and complete all assignments.

· Be respectful.

o In order to create an environment conducive to learning, it is important that we all show each other respect.

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Technology Rules:

As we continue our journey of technology in the classroom, a few reminders are necessary:

  1. Students MUST recharge computers overnight and ensure that the device is ready for use in class. NOTE: If you are in the first class of the day and ask for a battery, you will be given one but will also lose 5 points each time (beginning the second time you ask) on your participation grade.
  2. No students may share a computer or documents unless part of an assignment. (see Integrity Policy)
  3. Students are responsible for knowing where homework/assignments were saved –“I can’t find it, but I did it” won’t be accepted.
  4. Students may not have any programs running (ie. games, streaming music, etc.) that are not directly related to the assignment at hand without specific permission from the teacher.
  5. Headphone use is by permission only.
  6. Students must turn off/store computers at teacher’s request.
  7. NO audio or video recording of teacher/classroom/other students is allowed without specific instruction to do so for class activity.
  8. All rules/guidelines of the SLCHS computer use policy must be followed and teacher may impose new guidelines for class as needed.
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Memes courtesy of Laura Randazzo

Late Work Policy

  • Homework is due at the beginning of the period.
  • According to school policy:
  • Students with an EXCUSED absence on the day the assignment is due must hand it in within two days of their return for full credit (please note this is NOT TWO CLASS DAYS, but rather two school days).
  • Students with an UNEXCUSED absence must turn in the work IMMEDIATELY upon returning to school. If they return the same day the assignment is due, it is still considered due that day.
  • If I assigned the work PRIOR to the absence, it is due within 24 hours of the student's return. This also applies to essays and research papers.
  • No work will be collected after the grades for the assignment have posted.
  • No grades will be changed after the end of the nine weeks.
  • If a student will be on a school-issued trip: athletics, extracurricular activities (field trips), etc., he/she must submit the assigned work PRIOR to the scheduled event in order to receive FULL CREDIT. If the work is submitted AFTER the event, the work will receive only HALF CREDIT. Students may schedule a conference before the event to receive tutoring for the assignment.
  • If a student receives THREE or more zeros on assignments, an email will be sent to the parents. Please refer to the above guidelines.
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Integrity Policy

Each student is expected to complete his or her OWN WORK. According to school policy, plagiarism includes:

  • Submitting work that is not your own

  • Copying a friend’s work

  • Allowing someone to copy your work

  • Sharing student work that should be independently produced, i.e., sharing Google docs for independent work, using Google translate or any other translation site, using Quizlet to complete an assignment, etc.

  • Submitting work previously submitted in another course without the consent of the teacher

  • Buying or borrowing papers

  • Cutting and pasting blocks of text from electronic sources without documenting

  • “Borrowing” from online sources inclusive of images without documentation

  • Web publishing without permissions of creators

  • Careless paraphrasing

  • Poor documentation

  • Quoting excessively

  • Citing web information without determining its accuracy

  • Failure to use your own “voice”

NOTE: The teacher reserves the right to check ANY student’s work for plagiarism on ANY assignment.

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Mary Villaume

Office Hours

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