Save Our Sharks

By - Chelsey M - Period 6

It makes me so upset when people around the world kill lots of innocent sharks.We take the lives of those poor animals and use them for useless items.A lot of people are killing sharks without thinking about what it could do to them.

When you think of sharks,you probably think of them as mean, cruel, and evil-minded.In other opinions,they mistake you for injured fish,or a seal.Usually, when they bite, sharks chomp down real hard to keep hold of their prey.Their bite hurts because they have razor-sharp teeth.Sharks pointy teeth don't come naturally, they have to work for them.They go down to the bottom of the ocean,find brick-like shells, and grind their teeth until they crack open.

Sharks teeth are an example of things people kill them for.They either kill them, get the teeth, and sell them...or kill them, get the teeth, and wear them on a necklace.These are the terrible things people do to these impeccable creatures.

So far,there are only 465 known species still living in the waters.100 million sharks each year get killed for various things.73 million of those just for fin soup,a popular dish in China.Others hunt sharks for rugs, carpets, teeth, and pictures.

The most endangered sharks are the most well-liked.The Great White Shark, the Whale Shark, Scalloped Hammerheads, the Dusky Shark, and the Basking Shark are the top 5 most endangered sharks.Most people like them because more than half of them are also the top 5 biggest sharks.The Whale Shark (41.5 feet),the Basking Shark (40 feet),and the Great White Shark (26.2 feet).

In the future, if you see a shark,don't go up to him and kill him for your own pleasure like others, or because you're scared.It's OK to be scared, just don't hurt them.Other people killing sharks would endanger them, you stopping that could Save Our Sharks!

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