Keeping Teachers in the Know

What's in store in this issue?

Teachers were asked to share their wisdom from various years of teaching and to include what they do to keep kids engaged in their respective classes. Take a peek and use the ones that resonate with you most.

Tips for first year teachers to thrive

Auguste Meyrat

“Never give work to your students that you can’t do yourself. In fact, it’s often a great idea to do the work with the students in class. I always feel a rush when I write with my students—they think I’m weird, but that’s probably because they're jealous that my essays turn out better than theirs. And of course, it's always good to cultivate a sense of humor.”

Jody Comer

Survive your first year. You will learn more than your students. Your second year you will know what is going on and you have a basic idea of how to teach your subject area. Your third year you will have your subject area mostly done, but you will always continue to modify it. By your fifth year if you don¹t love your job get out. Life is too short to not love what you do every day, day in and day out.

Rachel Oleksiak

I've been teaching a few years now, and what I have learned has been invaluable to me. To run a class smoothly, get organized. Second, stay prepared.

LaQuisha Ballard

Do your best. Give teaching all you've got, and then go home to your family and give them the same amount. Becoming a really good teacher takes time, hard work, and knowing how to balance it all. You will do it!

TCHS Library's Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

TCHS Library’s annual pumpkin decorating contest is now underway. Please bring your book character-themed or TCHS Themed pumpkin to the library by Oct. 28th. Prize winners will be announced on Oct. 31. Please see the attached flyer for specific details.
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October Birthdays

1st Becky Sanders
3rd Stephanie Van Sant
4th Haley Harris, Kyle Henry, Huong Morgan
6th Rachelle Hill
7th Lisa Houpy

10th Tony Escoto, Anila Jafferali, Greg Kulle
11th Deana Coleman, Scott Johnson
15th Steven Lopez
20th Lynne Hines
21st Amy Pleggenkuhle
24th Dwayne Craig
29th Angel Holmes
30th Chuck Brown
31st Shawanna Sampson, Jennifer Surgeson

Theater at The Colony Presents

Theatre at The Colony would like to offer you a free ticket to the performance of your choice. Let us know which show you would like to attend, and we will pull those tickets for you. If you would like additional tickets, they can be purchased for $10.00.

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Teacher Spotlight: Ryan Cruz

Ryan has an interesting story of how he became a teacher. Did you know he was once a Hospitality Manager for a Country Club? He enjoyed his work, but he caught the bug to teach.

Ryan says he worked on his education degree online at UNT while pulling 50 hour work weeks at the country club. We're sure glad he answered the call to teach. He's taught many business courses over his 5 years. Amazingly, he's built his business program "Money Matters" into a must take course for juniors and seniors. He even got to be on the Dave Ramsey Show with one of his students. Talk about passion!

He makes this week's teacher spotlight because he always has a tip for the kids and adults and is proof of how a first-year, fresh out of the work place teacher can thrive and build a program you and the students love.

His tips for first year teachers are as follows:

1. Reach out to others and ask for help

Ryan says he learned early on that when you are the only one to teach your subject, you need to connect with others even if that means on other campuses. So, use your resources and connect.

2. Go home

We teachers are givers. That's why we're in this field to give students the knowledge we possess and the tools to learn. We want them to do more than we could ever dream with that knowledge. But, he says, "we have to go home."

3. Have fun

Make sure you enjoy what you are doing in class and the kids will, too.

Super Cool Time Saver Tip

Lori Bakke

I discovered this awesome website that is a necessity to any teacher who frequently grabs articles from the internet to use in their classroom. Instapaper lets you copy and paste a link to an online article, pdf, or website excerpt and removes all ugly advertising and formatting for you - creating a nice, simple, clean document easy to print and use in your classroom.

It also creates a catalog of your saved articles for easy access. You have no idea how many hours I have spent copy and pasting articles into a word document only to have to spend ages formatting it and deleting all of the unnecessary pictures, links, an adverts.

Remember to have your students do the Gallup Poll in 2nd period

Make sure to check the schedule for your 2nd period class:

Here is the link you will need to the survey and QR code to expedite the link to the


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Cougar Cafe is Coming Up 10/20/16

Don't forget to RSVP early. Not having to remember to bring lunch. PRICELESS.

Go here:

Congratulations to Jake Gregory

Staff celebrated Jake and his wife with loads of love, laughter, cake, and diapers at a baby shower in The Living Room. Congratulations again!

Pink Out Football and Tees to support Breast Cancer Awareness

The home football game on Oct. 21 will be our PINK OUT GAME

T-shirts went on sale this week. Be sure to let Mrs. McCarty know what size you need. They are going fast. Make checks payable to TCHS Student Council. Only $10.

Engagement Tips

Stephanie Vansant

I play music as my kids enter to help them get in a happy mood. I find this helps them relax while they do bell work.

Kaywanda Lamb

I ask questions about our lesson to the whole class and then I add in something funny from pop culture that always shocks them because they think we adults are not cool. This gets them laughing because I always use it wrong and they have to correct me. Example: When I need them to do something quickly, I say "Y necesitamos hacerlo Asap Rocky."

This is a rapper who I've never listened to, but it's a play on asap and it gets them buzzing. Adding in my on brand of humor helps them to perk up, look up, and smile. Smiling kids is a good thing. Now, we can work, solve my questions, pair in groups and crack up at my attempt at coolness. (They have no idea I'm cool for real. As you are, so we have to let them know!)

PSAT this Wednesday October 19th for most 10th graders and 11th graders

You get to give a test! You get to give a break! You get to be a hall monitor! - Oprah

Not really, but read your manual and review the email Dr. Rachelle Hill sent ,so you know where to report. She sent room relocations email on 10/11 and one on 10/13 with student list and room assignments. Remember to report early Wednesday at 7:25 am if you are giving a test.

Mid-Terms are here!

Mid-term exams will begin on Thursday, October, 20th beginning the day with regular classes in the morning; 1st and 2nd periods with 3rd and 4th Period exams in the afternoon.

On Friday, October 21st, 1st and 2nd period exams will be administered and students will have another early release day at 12:15 on the 21st.

Have a Great Weekend!

It's so tempting to grade papers and lesson plan all weekend, but build in rest. Do something you love and then set aside a certain amount of time to grade/plan/surf the net on "¡Cómo es possible!" you say. Believe me. It is possible. You are no good to your students or your family if you are not rested, balanced, and prepared to rock on Monday.