Moppin Minute

September 7-11

Weekly Meeting with Moppin...

This week we will be looking at posting Pea Pods on the data boards after Casey talks to each grade level about technology. Be prepared to answer the following questions as we talk: What do we want them to know? How do we know what they know? What do we do if they know it? What do we do if they don't know it? Think about the focus and skill set to focus on...fluency? Vocabulary? Comprehension? Specific skill sets such as sequencing?, etc...Where are we going to start to help them grow?
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Patriots Day (September 11)

Iris had a wonderful idea to sing a few patriotic songs on September 11 (Friday) as a remembrance. She will lead the songs during Morning Assembly. We will be flexible and move Teacher Tunnel to THURSDAY this week. THANK YOU Iris for volunteering to do this.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work...

Rocky Cheer...NOT Rocking Chair

Remember to give a cheer for all the GREAT things you are doing and continue to do for McMillan Pea Pods each and every day! YOU ARE ROCKY!

Rocky Balboa - Theme Song (HD)

PDP Uploads and Observations

PDPs should have been uploaded by September 4. I have recent CSIP goals on my desk. I will send out emails to those who have not uploaded...please make those a priority so we can talk about them later in the month!

Observations have begun! YIPPEE! I will be meeting with everyone after each one to de-brief. Most conversations have been taking 5-10 minutes but they are very important conversations to have so I know how to help you help our Pea Pods the best.

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