Tuesday Teacher Tips

April 28, 2015

Focus on Engineering & NGSS

PBS LearningMedia

PBS has many excellent resources available through the KET Encyclomedia Portal. Log in under where it says "PBS Learning Media". You should be able to use your log in credentials from your PBS account that we use for PD at the beginning of the year, or sign up for free.

To access interactive and videos available for Engineering:
  1. Select "Browse by Option"
  2. Choose the grade level
  3. Select Science
  4. Click Search Selected Grades and Subject
  5. On the left side of the screen choose "Engineering"

In the results you will find everything from documents/articles about engineering, to video features about engineers, to discussion with teachers about how they teach engineering, to well loved PBS programs about the topics.

Be sure to check out "Inventions: How to be an Inventor" the Martha Speaks interactive, "Design: Building a House" interactive which examines the materials needed to build a house, and "Structures: 60 Second Science" which explores how to construct things with common materials.

PebbleGO - Great for Beginning Engineers

With our PebbleGO subscription you can easily introduce even our youngest students to the NGSS Engineering Practices.

PebbleGO features articles on: Asking Questions, Using Models, Investigations, Using Facts, Science and Math, Answers and Solutions, Fact and Opinion, and Finding and Sharing Information.

Each article includes: the option to have the article read, media, definitions of key terms, and for teachers you can find excellent activities including directions for experiments that are aligned with the NGSS.

See the video below for a quick tour, and check with me for our username and password.
PebbleGO Tour of Engineering Resources

New Books in our Library with Engineering Focus

3D Modeling - More advanced design

Some of our older students will appreciate the ability to experiment with modeling through 3D computer based systems.

The book 3D Modeling by Theo Zizka introduces students to 3D modeling, explores how to navigate in the virtual world and create 3d Models, as well as a "What's next" section. The book covers 3D printing and walks students through some basics of using Sketchup, a free online program for creating 3D models.

Johnson Elementary Library

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