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September Update

September Character Value

The character value during September is responsibility. Responsibility means showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you. At school, teachers are encouraging responsibility through work completion and being prepared with supplies, among other things. All students were issued a student planner to help them take responsibility for themselves and to learn organizational skills.

At home, students have other responsibilities. One such responsibility might be having a cell phone. Creating a cell phone contract between the adults of the home and the student can help teach responsibility in something the students consider very valuable. A sample cell phone contract is available at

Duke TIP

Information has been mailed home to seventh grade students who qualified to participate in the Duke Talent Identification Program due to his/her performance on the 5th/6th Grade State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness test.

This program provides qualifying students the opportunity to participate in Duke TIP educational programs as well as access to an on-line directory containing listings for over 400 schools, summer programs, and academic competitions across the U.S. and abroad. To advance from the identification level to the Duke TIP Program, your student must participate in an upcoming ACT or SAT and receive Duke's required qualifying scores.

Please note that Aledo ISD serves solely as a liaison for this program and that all scores, awards ceremonies, as well as the above mentioned educational opportunities are coordinated through Duke University. If you did not receive information in the mail about the Duke TIP Program, your student did not qualify according to the requirements set by Duke for the 5th/6th grade STAAR.

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Aim for Success Program

Today's young people are growing up in a society where dating is out and hooking up is in. Pop culture is telling your child that sex is no big deal and everyone does it. This is indeed a difficult time to be a teenager--not to mention parenting a teenager. However, your child is going to have a unique opportunity to hear a far different message when Aim for Success presents its nationally acclaimed program which shares the advantages of saving sex for marriage.

Aim for Success addresses the problems of teen pregnancies, the escalating STD epidemic and the traumatic, emotional pain often associated with teen sexual activity. The program clearly demonstrates to the students that saving sex for marriage provides freedom from these problems while giving them the freedom to fulfill their dreams and goals.

Aim for Success will be presented to 7th grade students on Friday, September 26th. You are encouraged to attend the parent program in the AMS Bearcat Den on Wednesday, September 24th, at 6:00 pm.

Your student is required to have a signed permission slip to view the Aim for Success program. You can find the permission slip in the Google Drive link below.

Scholarship Opportunity

All students that have participated in a volunteer service activity in the past year are invited to apply for the 2015 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Winners of the award will win $1,000 and a trip to Washington, D.C., next May!

Students need to apply online at or by Tuesday, November 4. A valid email address is needed when filling out the application. A parent or guardian will need to complete the student/parent agreement page in the online application. Provide the email address for the certifier email address.

Students can pick up online application information in the counselor's office.

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