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Weekly News You Can Use: 9/30/22

WIN: What I Need

As a part of our goal to be intentional with students academic needs, we offer WIN Time as a part of our daily instruction for all students.

WIN stands for “What I Need”, and refers to interventions and/or enrichment. During WIN time, all students receive a 20-minute intervention or enrichment to work on specific math and reading skills. Various team members support this time to make it as intentional as possible for student instruction and academic progress.

Students have both math & reading WIN Time daily.

We use NWEA-MAP data & teacher feedback to support student placement in their WIN Time groups. These groups are reviewed every trimester.

0-10%: Interventionist

11-25%: Classroom Teacher or Partner Teacher

26-50%: Academic Skills Tutors ( Team members who help to provide additional support to classroom teachers during WIN time)

50-99%: Classroom Teacher/ Partner Teacher

We use the IReady Platform to place students on their own individualized learning path for math and reading in most grades. This allows all students to gain time with their assigned adult and on their specialized computer pathway for enrichment &/or intervention support.

If students receive Special Education Support from a Special Education Teacher, Speech, Occupational Therapist, etc. they are also often pulled during this time according to their individualized needs.

Our goal is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to gain intentional support, to guide them in meeting their academic goals. Having all hands on deck to support this academic block is a key priority for our school.

We launched WIN Time this past week, & were very pleased with the initial start.

Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes!

Willard Elementary Living out Big Brain Energy!

Ms. McCoy


We absolutely love that many families stay after school and enjoy the playground. However, we are seeing a lot of unsafe behaviors during this time. Please remind students of our playground expectations:

  • No climbing on the fences
  • No climbing on the top of the slides.
  • Get on the slide 1 person at a time.
  • Please do not thrown the swings over the bars.

We want to ensure that all students are able to have fun & remain safe.

Securely Home

What is Securly Home?

Securly Home is a web-filtering application service and an extension of Securly, a platform currently utilized by District 65 to protect students online. Securly works to filter and block keywords and sites that are inappropriate in nature, including those that promote content related to pornography, lewd images, or mature content such as violence, bullying, and self-harm. Securly Home provides parents/guardians with a window into what their student’s online activity looks like. This includes monitoring and oversight for parents/guardians including limited control over which sites students are able to access.

Please note that Securly Home only allows for monitoring of student activity on district-issued devices. Use of Securly Home by parents/guardians is optional, and district oversight, as well as student technology protections, remain in place on all district devices.

Please see the attached link for more information.

Upcoming Safety Drills

Every school year we conduct several safety drills with our staff and students. These drills are used to practice safety protocols in emergency situations. Practice helps to reduce panic in a real situation, and also prepares individuals for unfortunate scenarios.

Over the course of this school year we will have:

- 3 Fire Drills ( 1 with the Fire Department & 2 without the Fire Department)

- 1 Bus Evacuation Drill

- 1 Tornado - Shelter In Place Drill

- 1 Law Enforcement Drill

The Law Enforcement Drill ( Lock Down Drill) can be very impactful for students. Please see the attached letter from Mr Johnson with details on this drill.

D65's BIG 5

This year we are committed to our BIG 5 & we ask that you will join us.

In everything that we do we are committed to:

  1. Courtesy
  2. Respect
  3. Dignity
  4. Professionalism
  5. Humanity

Please partner with us as we live out the BIG 5 in our daily walk, talk, & communal interactions.

Welcome To Willard

Check out our Welcome to Willard Packet with everything that you would like to know about Willard Elementary School.

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Upcoming Events

Hispanic Heritage Month

  • September 15th - October 15th

No School: Wednesday, October 5th

  • Yom Kippur

School Improvement Day- No School

  • October 12th

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Tuesday, October 18th (4-7 pm)
  • Wednesday, October 19th (4-6 pm)

No School- Conferences

  • Friday, October 21st

PTA Town Hall

  • 6:00-7:00 pm

Law Enforcement Lock Down Drill

  • November 2nd
  • Opt-Out DUE Tuesday, November 1st