Genetic Disorders

Today, we will look at a disorder called Thalassemia!

About Thalassemia . . .

Thalassemia can make a person have serious cases of anemia, which causes them to have heart failure. If the case is extreme enough, it can harm the person and it may result in death.

How do these people get it?

It is inherited from the child’s parent, the parent(s) could carry the mutated gene.

How do you treat Thalassemia?

A doctor can help by giving extensive medical care to the patient; but there are also some scientists that are working on finding a cure, the current one is inserting a normal beta globin gene in a stem cell.

Important things you should know

  • A child who has one mutated gene from one parent is called a carrier, they usually live a normal and healthy life.
  • There’s a treatment that some doctors have used, bone marrow transplants. It can only be successful if there is a suitable bone donor, but It’s always risky and it can result in death.

Kids with Thalassemia

Also, Remember That . . .

You can help people all over the world just by donating a little blood. You'll make someone feel so grateful and thankful for just taking a minute to donate. Trust me, It'll make you feel amazing in your heart just to know that.
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