• Kronos is tall and extremely large
  • He is ugly and he has fire coursing through his veins
  • He has a deadly scythe that has extreme power and danger
  • If he is seen report him immediately please report him he is a major threat


The reward for the capture of Kronos is 300,000 Drachmas. This titan is on of the most deadliest of them all so capture shall be risky.
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Last seen

Kronos was last seen in the deepest part of the underworld. He broke free from it when he used he elevator to get out into the mortal word to destroy humanity. He was violently thrown into the underworld yet again but he has broke free again.



road street court 7675

police titans.com

Reason for capture

He is wanted for capture because he murdered thousands of people. Also he has broken free from his prison at least 5 times.