Presidential Pamphlet

By: Therese Azinger, Hanna Haughawout

Constitutional Requirements

  • Must be 35 years old
  • 14 year resident of the U.S.
  • Native-born Citizen


  • $400,000 salary
  • $50,000 non-taxable expense account
  • $100,000 personal food, travel, entertainment account
  • Live in the White House
  • Air Force 1
  • Marine 1
  • Presidential Limousine
  • Camp David-Presidential retreat home
  • Blair House-guest house (for in-laws)
  • Medical/dental care
  • Presidential Pension-$191,300/year
  • Secret Service protection 10 years after Presidency

Constitutional Power

  • Executive

--Chief Executive

--Commander and Chief

--Chief Administrator

  • Diplomatic

--Chief of State

--Chief Diplomat

--Chief Citizen

  • Judicial

--Grant Pardons

--Make sure Federal Laws are faithfully executed

  • Legislative

--Chief Legislator

--Party Chief

Most Important Power

--The most important power is Commander and

chief because it gives the President full control

over the U.S. Army and Navy. This also allows

the President to declare and withdraw from war.

Leadership Qualities

Conflict Resolution

--The President should be able to resolve conflicts between the different parties and other nations. This quality will help the country move forward.

Clear and Inspiring Vision

--The President should have a vision for how he/she want the country to be, but he/she should also be able to set aside he/her vision for others to help the nation come together.


--The President should be able to show the he/she is trustworthy. The people should be able to trust the President they are voting for can follow through on his/her promises; because without the peoples trust the President will get nowhere.


--The President is the role model for the nation and if he/she isn't motivated then the people won't be motivated. The President should be motivated to get things done and make the country the best it can be. If the President shows the people the he/she is motivated to get stuff done then the people will follow in his/her footsteps.

Decision Making

--If the President can't make a decision then nothing will get done. The President must be able to make a clear and concise decision for the of the people.

Major Issues


--Abortion is a major issue in the U.S. today and the controversy behind it is whether or not it should be legal. Today there are 125,000 abortions per day in America and the number is rising. The sides of the issue are labeled as Pro-Choice or Pro-Life; pro-choice meaning women have a right to terminate a pregnancy if they don't to have a baby and pro-life meaning all life is precious even those of the unborn. Abortion is an issue that is deeply centered around religion and ethics, religious people believe that a baby is alive from it's first heart beat at 8 weeks and say those who preform and have abortions are destroying their ethics and killing thousands of living humans each year.

Choosing a side isn't an easy thing to do, but women should have a choice on whether or not they want a child and there are easier and less unethical ways to avoid having a child like protected sex and abstinence.