Marine Biology

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What a biologist does.

A major role that a marine biologist plays is studying, and researching animals in their natural habitats. Through research and observations one is able to see whether or not the fishing industry and/or environment is affecting the animals. Once research is analyzed it's the biologist job to determine the best course of action to keep the animal population healthy and the industry satisfied. However this is not always the case. Some biologists can initiate their own research on any topic they choose. For example, one could organize a team to study the affects PH has on coral reefs. On the other hand a team could be organized to catch, tag, and release great white sharks. Basically a biologist is tasked with the research of a marine animals to either solve problems or improve the living condition and ecosystem of such animal.
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What it takes

The basics of becoming a marine biologist are relatively easy on paper. All one needs to participate in a research expedition is a bachelors degree in marine biology ( or a degree in a similar major like zoology, ecology...). However, in order to initiate ones own research and head an expedition a masters degree is required. Yet, becoming a good marine biologist takes more than degrees and book knowledge. It takes personality, passion, and awareness. A good personality is essential because all research is team oriented so one must be able to cooperate and work with fellow peers. Passion for animals is very important because the entire job revolves around animals and their care. Awareness is dire, its imperative to be able to recognize changes in an animal's behavior and its environment.

Senior Project Possibilities

Possible senior projects for marine biology could be volunteering at marine rescue centers, or similar rescue centers. The best option would to volunteer at the marine wildlife rescue center outside of San Francisco. They their own youth volunteer program where you can learn hands on from actual marine biologist. Not only that but it provides a chance to work with real marine mammals local to our area. This would be a perfect opportunity because it teaches you the daily duties of a marine biologist, and allows you to work in a team environment.
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