Safety In Woodshop

It is a matter of losing fingers or limbs

The Woodshop

A woodshop is an environment where different tools are utilized to form different pieces of wood to a desired shape and effect. There are many tools to assist with changing the wood such as the jointer, planer, mitre saw, cut-off saw, band saw, drill press and many more. These tools are very effective in shaping wood. However, they are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury or even death if the machines are not used properly. This poster will explain some safety rules.

Pushsticks and Pushblocks

Pushsticks are an important tool while using different saws and machines. They are utilized like an expendable extension of an arm. Instead of getting close to the blade, use a pushstick if you are fond of your hands. A push block aids us with pushing a piece of wood with the jointer.

No Stupidity

Use your common sense. It is probably not a good idea to test out the sharpness or effectiveness of a saw. You should not also try to cut your hair with a saw. They are not certified barbers. Please do not make common sense an endangered species.

Follow these rules and you will keep your fingers

No Horseplay

Do not be wild with your friends. You might find it difficult to go to Room 107 and do textbook work without fingers.
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