4C News

Friday, March 3rd, 2017


Mrs. Close's Math ~ We finished Topic E this week and will move on to Topic F during the coming week. The new topic focuses on the addition and subtraction of fractions by decomposition. The kids also have CML next week. Don't forget to have your kids correct those Exit Tickets!

Mr. Hart ~ We finished module 4 prior to break. The assessments came home this week for you to look over and sign. Overall the kids did fairly well on the test. We will continue to work with geometry as we prepare for the state assessments. This week we started module 5. This module is on fractions. This week we have worked on identifying and decomposing unit fractions from tape diagrams. We have also worked on writing repeated addition sentences and multiplication sentences for the unit fractions. As we move on through this unit we will work on adding and subtracting fractions, comparing and ordering fractions, and solving word problems with fractions.


Social Studies ~ We've started using the nonfiction text George vs George by Rosalyn Schanzer to learn about the road to the Revolution. Most students fell more comfortable with fiction, so this will offer us the practice we need with nonfiction.

PAWS ~ The next assignment will be handed out on Monday.

Word Work ~ The week got away from us......so tests will be on Monday. Blue and Yellow lists are logged into spellingcity and pink spellers will be bringing their packets home.

Picture Book Friday ~ Evie did a wonderful job reading to her peers today. Rhyder is "on" for next Friday.

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Report Cards

You'll find your 4th graders 2nd report card in his/her Friday Folder. The kids are working hard and making great gains. Please return the envelope only. There is a place on the front for parent(s) signatures.


On Monday, the chorus will meet. Kids will need to bring instruments on Tuesday for ensembles and Wednesday for lessons.