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Congratulations on an Amazing Month!

Our team had a very strong December! 40% of us earned a level of Ready Set Sell. Last year in December, team sales were $2,637. This year in December, $17,633.80.


The Dream is Free. The Hustle is Sold Separately

Your Director's Stats

Title: Director

PV: $2082.29

Parties Held: 4

Personal Recruits: 0

Team Sales: $17,653.80

Total Downline Sales: $24,345.18

Total Downline Size: 42

QSCs (My PEQAs): 12

Total Directors in my Gen 0: 1

Promoting Director Bonus: $0

Total Pay for Month: $1183.00

As a senior director, I would've earned: $1603.00

As an executive Director, I would've earned: $ 1956.00

As a Senior Executive Director, I would've earned: $2300.00

Ladies, I share these stats with you so that I can help you realize the POWER of the opportunity you have embraced! Focus on the basics of Book, Sell, Recruit each month and watch your team (and your income ) grow!

Nicole Robinson

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