Salem Witch Trials

By: Duane Leis


In colonial Massachusetts a series of witch trials occurred between 1692-1693. Young girls were the first to accuse people of being witches. These young girls started to experience muscle spasms. The doctors had no explanation for these symptoms, so they said it was a result of witchcraft. These girls at first accused people that were basically outcast that no body cared about. They then started to accuse people of more importance like pastors and even the mayors wife. The people accused of being witches were first put through a series of test. One of the test is they would dunk you under water. If you floated to the top you were a witch and if you didn't float back up you weren't a witch. Another way they knew you were a witch is if you couldn't recite the Lord's Prayer. After the witches were accused they were executed by hanging, and in one case a man was crushed to death. Some believe that the Massachusetts economy might have caused the hysteria. At the time the economy was in rough shape because the towns resources started to run low.

Quote from Sarah Good

"I am no more a witch than you are a wizard. If you take my life away, God will give you blood to drink."


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