Huckleberry Finns Adventures

By: Darren Reiser

Huck Finns escape

Huck is trying to get away from his life with the Widow Douglas because he feels cooped up and just wants to be free. A raft is used to get Huck onto Jackson Island where he can do whatever he wants. While on the island Huck meets a runaway slave named Jim and they form an unbreakable friendship.

Meeting Huck's Father

Pap, Huck's father, comes storming in to find Huck on the ground with a gun. Huck lies and says that people came in the cabin so he was using the gun to protect himself. This is the first time that Huck lies and is going against civil society. The moral compass that Huck has is pointing in a different direction than societies.

Is Huck really Dead?

A bunch of townspeople are looking for Huck on Jackson Island because Huck is supposed to be dead but really Huck is faking his death. Pretty extreme for a twelve year old. Huck is very smart because he puts pig blood everywhere and puts the dead pig body in the water to make it look like his own body. A very smart kid that Huck Finn is.

Huck in Disguise

Huck finds woman's apparel in the floating house and he forms a disguise to walk into town and try and gain some information. While talking to the woman Huck finds out that he and Jim are being hunted because the townspeople see smoke on Jackson Island and think that there is people on the Island. There are money rewards out for Huck and Jim to be found.

Meeting the Grangerfords

Huck and Jim get separated after the currents on the Mississippi throw them overboard and Huck finds some shore. Living by the shore are the Grangerfords and they welcome Huck in with open arms to live in there home. Pretty nice, considering Huck is a stranger.

Running into the Con Men

Later on down the Mississippi Huck and Jim meet the King and the Duke who are nothing but a couple of con men trying to steal money. The King and the Duke create fake plays to rip people off but the people actually were laughing and having fun.

Sleepover at the Wilkes house

When Huck, the King, and the Duke get into town they meet a little girl named Mary Jane Wilkes and she invites them to stay in there house. Huck, the King, and the Duke all get there own room. There is a big fuss over the money that Huck hid in Peters coffin but eventually Huck escapes the Wilkes, but he didn't get away from the Con men.

Jim gets Sold

The King and the Duke sell Jim and Huck knows they are lying to him about where he is being held so Huck being as smart as he is goes the opposite way. With a little help from Tom Sawyer they released Jim and he couldn't of been happier.


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