Mexico,Monterrey: Culture

By: Juan Ruiz


I'm right now coming back from a mercado, a place where cheap but yet very unique items are sold. The people are very friendly & nice.I Bought my self a trompo which is a wooden top made by a really good craftsman.

Also in el mercado there were a lot of tasty meals, prepped up by families.I saw this very popular dish called cabrito which means kid goat. Since this mercado was on a weekend and always on a weekend, families served up carne asada and the reason why I mentioned it was on a weekend is because this dish is a tradition to be always served on weekends.

Coming back we stopped by a small band playing near a tenda de dulce (candy Shop)

they played very well norteno which is a music genre originated from Monterrey.This band reminded me of the concert that I will be attending.The group is called 3ballMTY. The band is norteno band now internationally famous and also associated with the genre Reggeton.

The sports are really fierce.Monterrey has 2 competitive soccer teams, C.F Mexico & UNAL Tigres. But in the peoples eyes they like the team Tigres a lot more than C.F Mexico. The stadium is very popular to the Monterrey people. From one of the games I went to I bought a Tigres Shirt signed by the manager named Ricardo Ferretti.

Thats all I have for now but one day i will come back to Monterrey and see what it holds for me again.