Cookie Dough Sale Ends Tomorrow!

♦ each family asked to sell 8 boxes to reach our goal ♦

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Completed order sheets--with payments--are due Friday, April 24.

Sales sheets were sent home with students on April 13, but if you don't have that form any more, click on the link above for a printable order form. Delivery to the high school is scheduled for Monday, May 11. Exact pick-up times will be coming soon.

Awesome Incentives for you!
Little Lambs has 'built-in' rewards for every family who sells 5 boxes or more.

  • Sell 5 boxes---you receive 1 FREE BOX!
  • Sell 10 boxes---you receive 2 FREE BOXES!
  • Sell 15 boxes---you receive 3 FREE BOXES!

(all 'free' boxes are 'chocolate chip'---3 free boxes is the maximum awarded per family)

Sales Goal of 8 boxes per family!

To reach our goal of $10,000, each of our 174 families in the Aquin system will need to sell 8 boxes.

Online sales after the Order Period!

Following the completion of our sale, there will be an online site created for Aquin by Little Lambs. This site will be available to anyone and open year-round. Aquin will receive 40% of all sales through this site. So, if you are unable to get an order from Aunt Sally in California, Grandma in Georgia, or an old buddy in Alaska--don't worry. Just send the online information to them after the sale.

Or--if you go through your boxes of cookie dough in 1 week and wish you had ordered more, place an order yourself and keep a supply in the freezer. Your kids will love you for it!

As always, we thank you for your support!