Aztec Achievements

How Did The Aztecs Made Their Pyramids

Aztec and Inca built pyramids to house their deities. Aztec tradition the sun and the moon as well as the rest of the universe. Teotihuacan built the Pyramids of the Sun and of the. Moon The Aztecs made their pyramids out of rubble held in place by retaining walls. The walls were then faced with adobe bricks and then covered with limestone.

Why Did The Aztec Sacrifices People

Aztecs are particularly well known for it because of the large amount of victims that were subjected to death this way in their society. Every Aztec year had 18 festivals, and human sacrifice was central to the festivities at each of these. here were actually many types of sacrifices in the empire. The people believed that they owed a blood debt to the gods. They wanted to avert disaster by paying the endless debt. Here was ritual blood letting where people would cut themselves to offer their blood to the gods
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