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August 2014 ~ News and Happenings!

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Welcome to August!

You ladies did not slow down a bit in July and wowed me with our best July ever! With all your momentum, August is going to be our strongest month yet with sponsoring, booking and building our teams. August is a very important month for us as we get ready to celebrate our growth with the launch of our sister brands! If you are a new stylist, a seasoned stylist or maybe even a stylist coming back after taking time off, there has never been a better time to JUMP in and go for it! From September 2014- September 2015, Stars and above will have a special opportunity to earn a share per month for every month they qualify at Star payrank. If there has ever been a time to build a team and grow, it's now! Reach out to me or your sponsor if you want more information on our new comp plan, the new Star Qualifications and one on one coaching! We are here to help you every step of the way! Your goals are important to us, and we want to help you every step of the way! One tribe, and no stylist should ever be left behind. There is room for every single Stylist to build a team, promote to Star, and earn founding stylist perks over the next year. Are you ready? Is it your turn?

Sales - Congratulations to our top in sales and all of you that were qualified with $500 in sales!

Retail Volume

1 Cynthia Briggeman $10912.04

2 Lori Tahsler 8075.87

3 Marisa Schwabe 6511.85

4 Heather Cooper 5267.11

5 Angela Mancuso 4407.31

6 Ivy Nagel 4282.97

7 Jane Reid 4007.77


9 Andrea Franulovich 3859.72

10 Shaina Haller 3715.53

11 Samantha Ballard 3648.23

12 Janis Scott 3508

13 Allison Pierson 3394.7

14 Rita Riemer 3389.07

15 Kim Campanelli 3135.19

16 Molly Hills 2968.68

17 Peigin Crowley 2895.9167

18 Kristin Clousing 2837.78

19 Jessica Pennington 2758.58

20 Kristen Marcozzi 2677.73

21 Nicole Ervin 2667.47

22 Tracey Rose 2653.74

23 Kellie Whited 2642.89

24 Kathleen Whitworth 2411.43

25 Jenny Gremillion 2402.51

26 Karie Matthews 2326.98

27 Lisa Schully 2324.44

28 Liz Hansen 2315.83

29 Taylor Friar 2309.53

30 Sandra Caudill 2177.85

31 Mia Dalsemer 2132.18

32 Kristina Fox 2129.67

33 Susie Lauck 2057.65

34 Christa Lurie 1981.87

35 Caroline Baker 1972

36 Nancey Gerard 1930.7

37 Violaine Bargues 1873.9067

38 Suzanne Phay 1761.63

39 Emily Klinck 1740

40 Kathryn Fingar 1739.5

41 Sara Gross 1598.87

42 Lucy Wheeler 1576.06

43 Sara Ghaffari 1530.9

44 Stefanie Loop 1519.27


46 Steffanie Trosko 1480.45

47 Kristy Poindexter 1434.85

48 Joanne Brentnall 1424.1944

49 Jennifer Ruby 1384.72

50 Hilleri Keely 1382.79

51 Loni Brewster 1375.6

52 Dana Carey 1348.3

53 Marie Nicolopulos 1329.5

54 Corinne Bruzzone 1325.55

55 Tamara Glavich 1313.68

56 Stacy Hayden 1305.65

57 Ragan Edwards 1274.01

58 Elizabeth Manieri 1266.8

59 Jamie Miller 1266

60 Evangeline Mendiola 1242.3

61 Brenda Deley 1221.8

62 Kristine Schulte 1179.2

63 Hailey Whitaker 1143.96

64 Mary Gomes 1141.75

65 Kimberly Wilchek 1111.3

66 Michelle Syracuse 1097.8

67 Lucy Salguero 1081.36

68 Susan Smith 1067

69 Leslie Angier 1060.6

70 Alexis Sousa 1048

71 Shannon Ferreira 1039.42

72 Adrienne Lezama 1011.76

73 Larissa Clemena 1005.5

74 Jennifer Barner 1002.25

75 Chara Rodrigues 995.5

76 Sarah Tennyson 929.4

77 Katie Koontz 904

78 Reina moreno 897.75

79 Audrey LAIB 897.0859

80 Brandie Weyand 855.5

81 Sarah Waggenspack 836.5

82 Tamara Williams 833.65

83 Brenda Mendoza 821

84 Melissa Sanford 820

85 Sherri Carmouche 815.4

86 Stephanie Ducros 772.6

87 irenee french 770.5

88 Danielle Papageorgiou 759.69

89 Noelia Vicars 749.77

90 Kathi West 733.88

91 Melissa Lucero 727.3

92 Corinne Casebeer 708.05

93 Lisa Branco 679.5

94 Lisa Qvistgaard 673.75

95 Susie Jacob 662.4

96 Jennifer Heil 640

97 Brooke Mccue 636.39

98 Heather Westaby 634.2

99 Cindy Curley 633.7

100 Kristina Clecak 630.81

101 Lisa Anderson 630.65

102 Gina Lathrum 626.72

103 Shana Goldberg 619.45

104 Tiffany Smith Phifer 612.97

105 Camlyn Ross 611.84

106 Linda Summers Pirkle 597.15

107 Erika Schnitzler-Lopez 583.22

108 Maile Quick 574.1

109 Lisa Schwarzenberg 567.56

110 Molly Mcdonald 554.54

111 Allison Birdwell 550.25

112 Anne Vollen 547.55

113 Michelle Busalacchi 543.45

114 Joann Brose 539.88

115 Stephanie Hendry 531

116 Lynn Rhode 531

117 Jessica La Force 529.54

118 Kara Chase 529.25

119 Jennifer Fernandes 525.3

120 lauren fuller 522.8

121 Mindi Nichols 520.4

122 Lindsey Hanson 519

123 Tanya Abbate 516.95

124 Lindsay DaRosa 514.25

125 Deanna Nudo 510.87

126 Lauren Barbounis 509

127 nikki voelkel 508

128 Rebecca Petersen 506.95

129 Casey Roon 505.37

130 Casey Fleck 502.35


Sponsoring did not slow down for these ladies in July!! Congrats for building your teams in July!!! Below are the stylists with top new QUALIFIED Stylists launched!

(lines 1-4 of stellar dots)

Stylist Recruits
1 Allison Pierson 2
2 Lori Tahsler 1
3 Samantha Ballard 1
4 Cynthia Briggeman 1
5 Heather Cooper 1
6 Andrea Franulovich 1
7 Peigin Crowley 1
8 Leslie Angier 1
9 Allison Birdwell 1
10 Danielle Massari 1
11 Larissa Clemena 1
12 Susie Jacob 1
13 Maggie Ventura 1

Promotions! Welcome to our new Lead Stylists!! Associate Stylist is yours in August!! Keep up the fabulous work and always bring a friend with you!

Larissa Clemena

Lucy Salguero

Nikki voelkel

Kathryn Fingar

Fall 2014 is here! Do you love it!

Booking and selling

This month is a great month to sell on the go! So, if you are traveling pack up a tote of jewels and bring them with you. I started off this month with zero trunk shows. I made a list and reached out to people to fill my calendar. I am challenging you to do the same. It works, I booked four trunk shows for August. You can do it! Join a training call, connect with a pacing partner to help you stay on track, and get connected within our Stylist Community and Stellar Dots community.

Our August Hostess specials are incredible!! Your hosts can earn a free engravable necklace, along with their hostess rewards! What a great booking tool from the Home Office! Do what Kristina Fox did and book a "Personalization party" on the go. Even if your display is small or you are traveling you can sell our new custom collection via your IPAD, our lookbook and by sharing your favorite posts or pieces while you travel.

Build It Big in 2014!

Do you want t build your team in 2014?

Do you need a little help reaching out and sharing the opportunity?

In August if you are a Stellar Dot (all lines welcome to participate) you have another reason to pick up the phone and share our opportunity! You and your potential new Stylist could earn a new Tote! One Stylist and one Potential new Stylist will each win a $150 tote of their choice or $150 in product of their choice!

In Addition the Stylists that sponsor in August will be entered to win a $300 product credit of their choice. Every Stylist sponsored is a new entry! How do you win?

-Call and invite your potential new Stylist to coffee or set up a time to meet and share what you love about S&D and find out if now is the right time for her to join your team.


-Send her to a webinar with Jessica Herrin and then follow up after to answer her questions.

-Set up a time for you and/or your sponsor to chat with her and answer her questions.

- Then, simply have her fill out a quick 10 question survey and your both are entered to win.

The real prize is in sponsoring and building your team, and this is just another reason to reach out and share our opportunity with a great time to learn more about our new exciting family brands and also enter our Tote giveaway in August. How many can you talk with and Sponsor in August?

Take a peak at the survey as some reminders of key talking points! Let's build in AUGUST!!!

Webinar with Jessica Herrin:

Wednesday, August 6th

Time: 12pm PT/2pm Central/3pm ET

Webinar link:

Dates to Remember!

Star Training: TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 5, 44 Verona Ct. Danville

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Come meet one on one with me and let’s spend time talking about our comp plan, booking and sponsoring skills, and role play! All are welcome but you must RSVP in the Promote in 2014 facebook page or email . Training material is provided if you RSVP ahead.

Star Training: Thursday, August 7th in Davis - If you are interested in promoting, be sure to attend this special training with Star Director Shaina Haller, along with Associate Directors Kim Campanelli and Samatha Ballard. you must RSVP in the Promote in 2014 facebook page or email . Training material is provided if you RSVP ahead.

Where: Caffe Italia, Davis CA - 1121 Richards Blvd, Davis, CA 95616

Time: 7pm - 9pm

RSVP to Samantha

Sacramento Area Team Meeting: Monday, August 11th in Davis

Where: Sundwerk in Davis

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

$5 for stylist and guest are always free.

RSVP and bring a guest

Los Angeles Area Meeting: Tuesday, August 12 in Manhattan Beach

Where: Shade Hotel, Zinc Lounge

Time: 7pm- 9pm

RSVP and bring a guest (both are free!)

SAVE THE DATE! Bay Area Bootcamp!

Saturday, September 6th - location TBD

Northern California Stylist, please make sure to save the date for Saturday, September 6th, for the Bay Area Bootcamp with our own Jessica Herrin! We are so fortunate to have her in our backyard, so don't miss this amazing opportunity. You will be inspired, learn skills to move your business forward, connect with other stylist and grow. And if you went to Hoopla, this is a fabulous way to help sponsor and build your team as Jessica shares her story and vision. And you don't ever want to go to a training alone, so bring your team with you and let's reach out and invite all new Stylists. If you are building and sponsoring, you want to bring your team to Bootcamp and learn all of Jessica's best practices and words of wisdom. Getting your team trained and inspired in Sep could be one of the reasons your team will promote in the next few months. More to follow on location and time after we sign the contract. Join me and let's help you and your team reach every goal before the end of the year.

Enlighten Bracelet! Wow!

The response has been so overwhelming that we have sold 15,000 bracelets in just two weeks since we have launched this program!!! We are reaching heights we couldn't have imagined, and YOU are helping us make a HUGE impact on the health of mothers and children around the world! Because we are selling these beauties at such an amazing pace, orders can only be placed THROUGH THURSDAY, AUGUST 7. After the 7th we will pause the sale of the Enlighten Bracelet until we can restock to keep up with demand. So, spread the word to you clients (remembering "Mother, Daughter, Sister" is embossed in English, French and German on the inside). I encourage you to order them now!

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Shaina Haller

Star Director & Founding Stylist

Stella & Dot