Lake Tekapo

A place of wonder

Lake Tekapo

To get to lake tekapo you drive along the main road as shown in the picture

Lake tekapo's history

The Church of the Good Shepherd was built in 1935 for the families of the Mackenzie

country three other churches were built as-well it also offers inspiring views of the lake and mountains through the altar window.

Must see/must do's

Lake Tekapo Paragraph

Lake Tekapo is a small Township in the mackenzie district in south Canterbury, with many activities to enjoy. Although the township may be small it still has many activities, for example: Air safaris, Hot pools, Cruises and the Mount John Observatory. Which offers inspiring 360 Panoramic views of the lakes and snow capped mountains. Lake Tekapo has lots of attractions for you to enjoy or to just relax and have a holiday. I highly reccommend that you go there.