Mr. Huelsman's Weekly Update


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving holiday.

This week in science we are starting a new unit title "Introduction to Living Things." This unit will last until right before Christmas break.

Below are some more announcements and the class schedule. Have a great week!

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Retake Rocks and Minerals Test

Any student who scored below a 90% on the Rocks and Minerals End of Unit Test may retake the test using their science notebooks and readings from class. This is a homework assignment and is DUE Friday 12/04/15.
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Changes In Weekly Study Log Procedures

The Study Log is meant to help get students to understand that they need to look at and study the material they are learning in science class at least ten minutes a day to help better prepare them for tests. My hope is that this helps them learn valuable study skills that will help them as they continue their academic career not just in science class but for any class.

Students are to fill out the log each week as they study and should have a minimum of fifty minutes a week. They have Quizlet and other tools to help them study. They are to have these logs signed each week by their parent/guardian and returned to school on Monday.

I have a lot of students who regularly do not turn these logs in each week and this really adds up and hurts their overall grade in my class. I have also had a lot of parents email my to tell me they forgot to sign the log or the student forgot the log at home. I have accepted these without penalty. However, after the first of the year if a student does not actually turn in the study log piece of paper signed, it will cost points. I will also only accept study logs one week late. I want to teach students to be more responsible in taking care of this each week. I hope you understand this change. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Classroom Schedule 11/30/15-12/04/15

Monday 11/30/15: Finishing Rocks and Minerals project video. Going over Rock and Minerals End of Unit test. Setting up for "Is it Alive Lab". "Cucumber Activity" Google Form activity.

Homework: Finish "Cucumber Activity" if not finished in class. Retake "Rocks And Minerals" End of Unit Test.

Tuesday 12/01/15: Introduction to "Introduction To Living Things" unit. Starting "Is It Alive?" lab.

Homework: Weekly study logs. Retake "Rocks And Minerals" End of Unit Test".

Wednesday 12/02/15: Finishing "Is It Alive?" lab in class.

Homework: Any unfinished analysis questions from lab. Weekly study logs. Retake "Rocks And Minerals" End of Unit Test".

Thursday 12/03/15: "What is Life?" reading packet in class and worksheet.

Homework: Finish reading/worksheet if not finished in class. Weekly study logs. Retake "Rocks And Minerals" End of Unit Test".

Friday 12/04/15: Mom's Car Must Be Alive Activity.

Homework: Finish "Mom's Car Must Be Alive" activity if not finished in class, due Monday. Have a safe and fun weekend.