Travel guide

for the 3rd rock from the sun

Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world climbing to 29,029 and is located in Nepal Asia. Some things you should do there are go hiking. Another thing you can do while there is visit a group of towns at the base of Mount Everest called Shigatse Valley. Some of the challenges you might face are avalanches, slippery ice, sudden storms, and over 200 climbers have died. Some things you should bring are climbing equipment, gloves, camping gear, hat, and hiking shoes.
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Atlantic Ocean

Some things you should do while you are there are go fishing. You can also go boating and see some interesting marine life. Make sure you watch from June to the end of August because it is hurricane season. Another thing you should do is visit The Statue of Liberty. Some things you will need are fishing gear, a boat, and a coat if it gets cold.
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Niagra River

Located in New York, the Niagara River stretches 37 miles and connects Lake Erie to Lake Huron. At the Niagara River you can go fishing and just enjoy the river. Another place you can visit while there is Old Fort Niagara. Where you can see historical exhibits. Some challenges you could face are floods and being able to cross the river. Make sure you bring fishing gear and a coat if its cold.
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