Noah nelson

who am I

Hello I am Noah nelson and this is a summary of me.

Skills: I am creative, inventive, and a focused person.

Values: I value my family, intellect, and friends.

I like to learn through projects.

These things should be considered when finding a job because you want to find a job that doesn't contradict your values because what you value is important.

where am i going?

My career as the librarian of congress he assists people who are searching for specific data for professional or personal use. his job consists of knowing public and academic sources, keeping up-to-date on technology and helping clients navigate their searches.

Annual salary:$56,360

Job outlook: neutral.

Cluster: government & public administration

Work schedule: year round

Work environment: inside

Interesting fact, the librarian of congress is the top job in the library of congress.

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how do i get there?

I would like to attend Kutztown university in Pennsylvania.

because it offers the required degree for library sciences.

I need a masters in library sciences.

it is 463.17 per credit hour.

Emma Richards-Bausch Scholarship

*New student. Established by Emma Richards-Bausch to provide a scholarship to an incoming freshman or transfer student with financial need who will pursue a major in the English department and has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for a major in English/general, English/professional writing, or secondary education/English.

Rosa Parks Scholarship

Established by David W. Jones '89, alumnus and member of the Council of Trustees, to provide scholarship assistance to Kutztown University students who are politically or civically involved at the university. The scholarship was established in memory of Rosa Parks in recognition of the impact her legacy of civic and political involvement had on his college experience.

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