Falling for Chocolate

Proceeds go to Sick Kids

Falling For Chocolate Shelf

Do you like chocolate? Well then, Falling For Chocolate is the ideal shelf for you!! It's a stable, simple designed and easy to access shelf, designed to store keys, books and bags for the use of daily life essentials. With a coat of luxurious dark brown paint and a hint of leaves for a warm feeling of the fall time.

FFC is a company run by grade 8 students to explore our knowledge of sustainability. We make usable, stable furniture by up-cycling cardboard sheets and boxes. The furniture, a chocolate shaped shelf, will be sold at a silent auction at Lisgar Middle School on December 3, 2015 at as well as an online padlet where you can enter a bid.

The proceeds of our auction will go to SickKids. A student at Lisgar, Emma was diagnosed with Leukemia. The proceeds will help her get out of the hospital.

The shelf resembles a giant chocolate bar. Leaf decorations will be added, hence the name, Fall-ing for Chocolate.

For your information, these are the materials used to create this shelf.

- Cardboard boxes and sheets

- Water activated tape

- Tempura paint

- White glue

- Strips of newspaper

- Hot glue

- Mod Podge

- Plastic Leaves

December 3, 2015 at Lisgar Middle School

6755 Lisgar Drive, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5N 6S9

Our Team

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