March 25, 2016

Testing Incident Logs

Testing incident logs have been shared with the testing coordinator of each school. It is your responsibility, as the testing coordinator, to ensure incidences are recorded in the logs. I have set each sheet to notify me by email when a change has been made.
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Improprieties- logged and reported to the district within 24 hours via the Test Security Incident Log

Irregularities- logged and reported to the district within 24 hours via the Test Security Incident Log

Breach- requires immediate notification/escalation by telephone to the state level assessment director by the DA or DC.

Please refer to the Test Administration Manual, pages 17-24 for detailed explanations and examples.


At the testing coordinator meeting, there wer some questions and apprehension regarding the incident logs. I sought some clarification from the state regarding logging every time a student is moved because of a computer malfunction.

The response:

"The rule of thumb is that anything that disrupts the flow of the testing process should be logged, but I think you need to consider the extent of the disruption and when it occurs in the testing process"

I would say that moving a student because a computer is not working properly does not need to be included on the testing incident logs, unless it completely disrupts the student testing. If it happens before the students actually begin testing, it would not need to be recorded.

Text to Speech Clarification

There was some confusion regarding the text to speech accommodation and support. Text to speech as an accommodation (reading the items and passages) can only be given to students with an IEP.

Students with a need can have the items read to them, but not the stimuli (passages).


Performance Tasks are randomly assigned to students. Proctors should select all for a given grade being tested. As students log in they will see the one that has been assigned to them. Nothing comes out in advance of them taking the test.
Students who arrive in your district on or before May 6th will need to test. If they have already been tested in another Idaho district, once you add them to your district, you can see their data in ORS provided their assessment has been scored.


Thank you to everyone who turned in their testing documents and schedules. These are shared with the technology department, Dr. Cox, and Heather so they are aware of testing dates.

Please thank your special education teachers for completing the accommodations Excel sheets. I was able to upload all sheet and accommodations for the entire district in 15 minutes. :)

Thank you for all the work you put into making testing successful in your schools!


FYI: Ashley will be out of the office from March 30-April 5. If you need help, please contact me on my cell phone. I will be in conferences and meetings, so please leave a voicemail, or text.

I will be visiting schools at least once during the testing window to see how things are going :)