Social Media Re-Vamp

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Social Media Re-Vamp

Suggestion is the brands improve their social media platforms.

Current Status (September, 2015)


Singha Beer
1) Very small audience size (40K fans for global brand is very small. Lots of local business clients have more follower than Singha)
2) Very poor organic engagement (Below 10 likes. Likely due to poor targeting used on posts and fan development advertising campaigns)
3) Repeating content (I have seen the same posts a few times in a row)
4) Very poor event attendance (13 attendees on their event of August 5th…)
5) Non optimised page cover (their page cover is actually cropped!)
6) Duplicated pages (I have seen several other brand pages and personal profile accounts labelled as ‘Singha Beer’)
7) No global page setup (instead they use duplicated pages for each of the country they need)
8) Non verified and non protected brand!

Leo Beer:
1) Even smaller audience (8K fans…)
2) Even lower engagement
3) Content is quite good but all in English.
4) all in Thai

5) 33 followers on Instagram…