Desert Biome

It's dry out here!

Why is the desert so dry?

Deserts are very dry because they receive very little rainfall each year. The Sun also shines all throughout the day. Some deserts are so hot that rain water evaporates in the air before hitting the ground.

So no plants?

Cactus plants have adapted ways to survive in desert. They have a waxed outer cover to keep moisture in and thorns to keep animals from eating them.

And the animals?

Most animals are nocturnal so they sleep during the day and come out a night when it's cooler. Their body also stores water or they get it from the foods they eat.

The desert can be exciting too

Some Important Facts

  • Deserts are usually gravel and rock. Only a few are actually sand dunes.
  • Four types of desert biomes: Hot&Dry, Coastal, Semiarid and Cold.
  • The camel stores all its body fat in the humps on their backs.
  • Deserts can be found everywhere around the world except Europe.