Premium LEDs

Powering your way to the future of lighting technology!

Your lights could last 10 years and consume 1/10th of the energy they use right now.

Welcome to the world for LED lighting. Just use the wide variety of LED fixtures available with us and be free from all maintenance hassles. Quality LED fixtures provided by us last upto 50000 hours. That entitles to 17 years of life for a fixture you switch on for 8 hours a day. And the best part is the electricity consumed is upto 1/20th times less than the standard light bulb and upto 1/6th times less than CFLs. It doesn't end there. These lights run at ambient temperatures averaging around 45 degree Celcius.

We use only Helio Opto, OSRAM and CREE LED's in our fixtures.

Our Product Range

We supply each and every kind of lights required for Home, Office, Showrooms, Hotels, Lobby's, Banquet Halls, Swimming Pools, Gardens, Aquariums, etc.

Our range of products include

Ceiling lights, Concealed lights, Spot lights, Surface lights, Track lights, Foot lights,

Wall lights, Panel lights, Pole lights, Pendant lights, In Ground lights, Flood lights,

Water proof lights, Disco lights, Aquarium lights, LED strips.

We are PremiumLED India

We are a startup who believe in making sure we use technology for the benefit of the environment. That is one of the reasons for getting into efficient technologies like LED lighting. LED lighting is used properly can actually save high amount of electricity and money for the country.