Croatan Sound

A North Carolina Estuary

Basic Estuary Information

  • An estuary is the mouth of a large river, where tides meet a stream
  • The importance of an estuary is to provide nesting for aquatic plants and animals
  • Other names associated with an estuary include: harbor, inlet, bay, and lagoon
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The Croatan Sound

  • The Croatan Sound is located in Outer Banks, North Carolina
  • The Croatan Sound connects the Pamlico Sound to Albemarle Sound, and is bordered by Roanoke Island
  • The Croatan Sound is also connected to the Currituck Sound
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Wildlife In Croatan Sound

  • The Croatan Sound's wildlife includes: migrating waterfowl, egrets, herons, pelicans, ibises, and many more
  • The border around Croatan Sound consist of wooded terrain such as towering pines, woods and forests, and bulk headed beaches that are steps away from the woods
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Threats to North Carolina's Estuaries

  1. Contamination of river and ocean water
  2. Coastal development - roads, bridges, culverts, sewage systems, pipelines, and dams
  3. Large boats passing through causes damage to plants, oyster beds, and stirs up sediments that clouds the estuary water
  4. Global Warming causes sea levels to rise
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