Women's Liberation Movement

morgen dickson

the women's liberation movement overview

The women's liberation movement was the collective struggle for equality, most active during the late 1960s and 1970s, that went to free women from male control. The women's liberation movement consisted of womens liberation groups, protests, consciousness-raising, and a variety of other individual and group actions on behalf of women and freedom.


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Supporters believed it would guarantee women equal rights. NOW was one important group that fought the ERA. ERAs have been introduced in subsequent congresses, but have failed to be passed. The women's liberation movement changed society by giving women their rights. The women's liberation movement was so important because it gave all the women courage to stand up for they believe in.

Five fun facts

#1 bra burning

#2 they made clubs and organizations

#3 women were part of associations that were based on trade, age, and kinship


1960's Women's Liberation Movement - A PBS Documentary Trailer
Estelle Carol - Never The Same

here is a joke from Mrs. Patterson

Are you gonna burn your bra?

For women's rights, yes!