Foods Brochure

By: Ja'lynne Gilkie

Western Europe

  • Italian farmers grow lots of cereals, fruit, vegetables, and vines. Agriculture is very important to Italy's economy and although most farms are small and ran by family's the country is the leading producer of oranges,lemons,wines,olive, and olive oil.
  • United kingdom, Ireland, England, Scotland,wales, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria
  • Yorkshire pudding- a popover baked in the hot pan drippings from the roast beer. a popover is a puffy muffin-size bread with crisp brown crust and a hollow, moist interior from England
  • Haggis - is made by stuffing a sheep's stomach with a mixture if oats, organ meats, onions and beef or lamb suet and then boiling it from Scotland
  • Torte- is a rich cake made with a small amount of flour often with ground nuts and bread crumbs

Northern Europe

  • The Northern Renaissance refers to the events that happened during the Renaissance in Europe outside of Italy.
  • Denmark, Norway Sweden, Finland and Iceland
  • Smorgasbord- which is like a buffet and usually has different variety such as breads, soups, salads,hor d'oeuvres from Sweden.
  • Lutefisk- dried cod tender by soaking in lye from places such as Ice land, Sweden and Denmark.

Mediterranean (southern Europe)

Geographically, Southern Europe would be the south half of the landmass of Europe.The Alps mountains are a physical barrier between Italy and the rest of Europe

Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece,

Dolmas- rolled grape or cabbage leaves that have been stuffed with a variety of ingredients including chopped meat beef or lamb and rice, pine nuts, onions and seasonings from Greece

paella- made from rice, shellfish, chicken, and vegetables