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Our classroom stresses the importance of working at one's full potential. The students are given opportunities to do their personal best during every activity. In order to determine your child's needs, continuous assessment takes place. All activities are designed so that every student in our classroom is working at a challenging and rewarding level. Throughout the school year, I promote working together to create an open teacher-parent-student communication relationship. I feel it is in your child's best interest if we work together and stay in contact with one another in order for him/her to be successful! Feel free to navigate the Blevins Broadcast at your convenience where you will find classroom news, slideshows, upcoming events, our week at a glance, a note from the teacher, and other pertinent information.

Mrs. Blevins' 6th Grade Class of 2015-2016!

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Check out this week's Blevins Broadcast below!

Blevins Broadcast 9/25/15

Upcoming Events!

9/28-10/2 - Homecoming Week!

9/30 - Early Dismissal @ 1:55PM

10/1 - Orchestra begins! Thursdays: 9:30-10:00am, and Fridays: 11:30-12:00pm

10/1 - Standards Based Grading (New Report Card) Parent Meeting @ 6-7pm in Central's Library.

10/2 - Cat's Club! Homecoming Tailgate

10/5 - Promotion Committee Meeting @ 6:00 pm in Central's library

10/16 - PTO Fundraiser Kick-Off Assembly!

10/21/15 - Early Dismissal @ 1:55PM

10/30 - 1/2 Day - Field trip to RollHaven!

Our Week at a Glance!


We took our first Math Test on Tuesday. Please check Friday Folders for Math Test grades. It is the student's responsibility to come to me to ask to retake the test if they desire. They develop the plan on when and how they want to retake it. Next week, we will continue to focus on Operations with Decimals and will be having a Math Quiz on Monday, September 28th, covering lessons 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.


We have completed reading Ch. 8 of Bridge to Terabithia. Ask your child who stole May Belle's twinkies! We have also covered the literary element: Plot by developing a Story Mountain and tying it in with our Personal Narratives. Next week, we will continue reading Bridge to Terabithia and discover how to cite evidence in our Common Core Progress Booklets.

Ask your child about the 40 Book Challenge! Or check it out on my webpage below!

Reading Logs are DUE Thursday, October 1st!

Writing and Grammar

This week, students discovered how to use Plot, as a series of events, on a timeline to set up their Personal Narratives. Next week, we will begin focusing on transitional words/phrases, and strong leads/endings. For grammar, we will continue to practice the various pronouns and will be quizzed on them Thursday, October 1st.

Social Studies

We have discussed the entire Chapter 1 covering the 5 Themes of Geography and the Geographer's Tools of Maps and Globes. Next week, we will be reviewing and have a Chapter 1 Test on Thursday, October 1st. Study Guides will be going home on Tuesday.

Word Study

Today we took the "Ject" quiz. Next week, we will be studying the new Greek Root Word(s) "sect = cut, separate." The Ject and Sect Test will be on Friday, October 2nd. The word study lists can be found on my webpage under the Word Study tab. Quizzes are every other Friday covering two root words. Please remember to use Login as...username: centralcats password: flushing.

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Monday: Team Day! (Wear the apparel of your favorite sports team. No Hats!)

Tuesday: Mismatch Day!

Wednesday: White Out Day! (Wear all white)

Thursday: Black Out Day! (Wear all black)

Friday: Raider Day! (Wear Orange and Black!)

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Parent Promotion Committee Meeting!

When? October 5th, 2015

Where? Central's Library

Time? 6:00 p.m.

Why? Want to be involved in you son's or daughter's 6th grade graduation? Come to the meeting to gather information on fundraisers, decorations, camp, etc.!

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Standards Based Grading Parent Informational Meeting!

Want to know more about the new report card? Come to this parent meeting please!

When? October 1st, 2015

Time? 6:00-7:00PM

Where? Central's Library

Executive Director of Curriculum, Mr. Matt Shanafelt, will be explaining the new grading and will allow parents to ask questions.