Visual Interpretation as Lesson or Performance Assessment

How will this tool help develop my students' academic skills?

Why do I need this? What will Educreations do for me?

Do you need to get some information to your students in an interactive way that will grab attention? Using Educreations, the instructor can send a whiteboard slideshow/ video with pictures, typed text, hand-written text, and drawings outlining a skill or given informational set.

Do you want your students to create a presentation that displays a thorough understanding of the content, requires synthesis and the use of information in new ways? You can require a student response in kind using the application.

Possible assignments for our syllabus

  1. During a novel study, ask students to screen-grab a section of text containing an example of prejudice. Then, require them to use the drawing tools to point out specifics and the audio to describe the impact of the prejudice and make a prediction about an end result.
  2. Using the drawing tool, model a plot pyramid of some other already experienced text, and record yourself assigning the same task to the students with the novel assigned. Students must create a lesson for another class modelling the construction of the pyramid with their text.

Class Assignments

Do you need to send out video lessons to several different groups of students? The class creation procedure is simple, offering a class code or a link for student entry into the class.

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How can Educreations help build an online community?

You might start by having students create videos to teach a concept to another student, or create groups required to teach the class.

Students can participate in their own learning by creating content and interacting with each other. Any group sharing a password could work collaboratively on a video for submission.

Challenges you may encounter while using Educreations.

  • the app is for iPad only, but the online whiteboard can be accessed from any browser.
  • the free usage of the site limits storage to 50mb.
  • audio cannot currently be edited, only erased and recorded again.
  • the paid version is required to use all of the cloud storage import options.
  • free accounts limit editing to one draft at a time.