Don't Want to Wait to Create

Shouldn't every artist have a "pencil"

One pencil for Every Two Students?

Shouldn't every artist have a chance to create with their own pencil rather than sharing one with the person next to them? What if half your 45 minute art class was spent watching and waiting for your turn to create. Oh, and did I forget to mention that when you do get your chance to create it would be on a shared piece of paper? That's right. Not only did you have to share the tool to create, you would have to share the object of creation. How does this sound?


Hopefully you agree that every artist should have their own pencil and paper to create their own piece of art. iPads are another medium for art creation in our art room and we don't have enough for each student to use. It's just like not having enough pencils and paper but I would like to argue that it is even WORSE because IPads are transforming art education. We don't want our students to miss out on all they offer.

We need one iPad for every student in the art room so we can...

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We Don't Want to Wait to Create!

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We are raising funds to complete a class set of iPads in the art room. Please take us one step closer to giving each student the "pencil and paper" they need to create now.