Great Depression

By: Chelsea Culbreth

This is my siblings

As you can see we don't have anything. We don't have water to bathe, we wear the same clothes for months, we've either grown out of our shoes or they break and we aren't able to afford new pairs. They are home schooled, but my mother has given up on them because she works as well as my father and I.
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The photo to the left is of our community. The conditions are filthy and unhealthy to live in. The conditions are so bad that if you walk through the streets you'll sometimes see people sleeping outside on their porches or on the streets. My home is the photo In the little. Me, my parents, my 2 younger brothers, and one other family lives here. There are only 2 bedrooms and 2 small beds so children in one room and adults on another, and since there are only 2 small beds half of us sleep on the cold floors. During the summer most of us sleep on our porch because of the heat, and the winters are brutal because we have no doors and our roof has holes in it. The photo to the right is the neighboring home. The mother sits outside with her children trying to sell them because she cannot take care of them anymore. She doesn't have the money and supplies to. She's a widow and takes care of them all on her own, and she works so often she can't watch them.


The photo to the left is of the factory I work at. I had to quit school to help my family get by. I work for the longest times, sometimes more than 12 hours a day. We rarely get breaks, and my hands hurt of blisters and I grow callus on my fingers. To the right is of children who work in our factory. They do jobs adults aren't able to do such as reach in small places and they are better climbers if there's anything that needs fixing. It's too dangerous for them. They do not have shoes to wear and they don't wear anything to protect them from getting hurt.