Montgomery Bus Boycott


Join Bus Boycott!

We are trying to change the ways of the Montgomery Bus system. Blacks shouldnt have to sit all the way in the back or stand up for whites to sit! We need every African-American to join us to help stop the ways of this bus system!! Blacks should be able to sit anywhere on a bus, so lets make it this way!

Where the Boycott was

Thursday, Dec. 1st 1955 at 2pm

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Other Options Rosa Parks had/Event Description

Well Rosa Parks could of walked home even if it was a 6 mile walk. She also could of taken a cab.

  • The situation was caused by Rosa Parks not giving up her sit for a white person to sit.
  • The purpose of the boycott was to stop the Montgomery bus system and let black people sit where ever they want.
  • They were trying to stop the ways of the Montgomery bus system.