What's New in C2

January 4th-13th

Curriculum Corner


  • RL 2.3: Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges
  • RL 2.7: Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Letter Writing

Things to try at home:

RAZ Kids (Kids A-Z), This is an app titled, Reading A-Z.
See below for more details pertaining to each class:

  • Moore Teacher username: hwmoore

User name: first initial, last name (hwmoore)

password: moore1617

  • Franklin Teacher username: kfranklin2

Username: first name, last initial (kaylaf)

password: their lunch #

  • Davis Teacher username: ldavis625

username: first name

password: abc123

  • Daniel Teacher username: sheliadaniel

username: first name

password: their personal bookbox number


Double and Triple Digit Addition & Subtraction with regrouping

(2.NBT.5 - 2.NBT.6 - 2.NBT.7-2.NBT.8 - 2.NBT.9 -2.OA.1 - 2.OA.2, 2.MD.c.8)
Add up to four two-digit numbers

Add within 1000

Adding coins and bills to determine the value of money
Use strategies to add/subtract
Mentally add/subtract 10

Explain why addition and subtraction strategies work within 100

Subtract within 1,000

*Some are moving into subtraction as kids continue to master addition

Things to try at home:

Social Science

SS 2.2: Describe the significance of national holidays, including Martin Luther King day

SS 2.4: Compare features of modern-day living to those of the past

SS 2.9 Describe rights and responsibilities of citizens of the United States.

Cursive Handwriting

Through January, we are focusing on learning the lowercase letters. We are learning them in this order:

  • The Clock Climbers: a, d, g, q, c
  • The Kite Strings: i, u, w, t, j, p, r, s, o
  • Loop Group: h, k, b, f, l, e
  • Hills & Valleys: n, m, v, y, x, z

Davis Family

Parachute Project

Flight Project

This week we further developed our understanding of the mechanics of flight by building parachutes with attached containers. To make it a little more interesting, we put a raw egg inside each container. The teams worked hard to build their contraption! At the end of the week, the 9 teams dropped their parachutes and were so excited about the results! Check out the slideshow to see our photos from the parachute drop day.

Whiten Family

Because Of His Dream, We Can Dream Too!!

This week we talked about the upcoming holiday and the meaning behind it. The conversation then led to talking about how just like Dr.King's dream came true, ours can too. The learners completed a MLK study this week, and we ended it with creating an activity saying their dream for their school, community, and the world. It was a pretty powerful moment to hear their dreams, and see the love in who will soon become our future leaders.
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Steindorff Family

Daniel Family

Moorelin Family

A New C2 Intern Teacher

Meet Miss Malone, who will be interning with the Davis family this spring semester.
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Field Trip Money ($15.00) was due 01/13... See below for more details

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Spirit Shopping: Click the link to view and purchase your PRS Spirit Wear! All orders are due Jan. 20, and must be placed online. Orders will arrive 3-4 weeks after the deadline. Don't delay, order TODAY!

Important Reminders

January 16: NO SCHOOL (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

January 20: Spirit Gear orders due

January 24: C2 POP

January 25: 100th Day of School

February 14th: Davis Theatre Field Trip

February 20: No School
March 10: Spring Parent Conferences
March 20 - 24: Spring Break
April 28: Field Day

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Want to learn more about the program? Visit the link below

Calling all fathers and father-figures: The PTSA is inviting you to bring your students to the PRS Cafeteria Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 6:00 p.m. The event will include free pizza, drinks and fun! You will also have a chance to learn about Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students)! This innovative program positively impacts students by engaging men to spend a day at the school! Please let the PTSA know you're coming by emailing watchdogspikeroad@gmail.com

Classroom Wish Lists

Throughout the year, our classes will be doing a variety of activities that will require or be enhanced by certain materials. Some families ask how they help from time to time. Below each lead learner has listed items that would be used for classroom activities and projects. Thank you!


  • Kleenex tissues



  • Mrs. Franklin's Amazon Wish List- WISH LIST!
  • Expo Markers-regular size- color :) and skinny




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Your C2 Lead Learners